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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conservatives might take a look at Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven

I wouldn't often recommend civil disobedience on such a grand scale, but as they say, if you don't do it, who will.......

Jim Yardley over at American Thinker writes that if the monstrosity of healthcare reform passes, the folks might want to take some advice from Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven.
If Obamacare was currently law, I might be guilty of inciting criminality. Nah, not "might be." I'd be guilty as hell. If this abominable law is passed, I think the ultimate act of civil disobedience might be the most effective way to bring these politicians to their senses.

During the Vietnam era, some men were willing to go to jail rather than serve in what they considered an immoral war. A LOT more just cut and went to Canada. I can't speak for all my brothers in Vietnam, but I know the vast majority of soldiers with whom I served had enormous respect for those who went to jail as a matter of conscience, and utter disdain for those who ran and hid in Canada. I thought at the time that if those who went north had overwhelmed our prison system, the war would have been ended years earlier.

I think the same strategy would work now. Overwhelm our prison system, and see how quickly the laws (and some incumbents) are changed.

Thanks Saul Alinsky, and Doctors Cloward and Piven. Even if it's not the change the two of you hoped for, we might just see if your ideas really work.
Unfortunately, if the current bills being considered can be married in some agreeable way and the "now in power" folks in D.C. have no concern for what the American people want, I have a feeling you will see quite a bit of civil disobedience in this vein. When the people realize they will pay on this bill 6 years before any real benefit is received, more will become engaged. The more population is engaged, the more difficult it is for our leaders to ignore us. I hate the thought of this thing turning into something unruly and ugly, but if they're not going to listen to us now..........when will they?


  1. International Workers of the World (Wobblies)

    Favorite tactic was to show up for a protest
    in such numbers that the local jails could not hold them all.

    Individuals may get help from the state and local
    governments here; Tie the legal system up in an
    overloaded Gordian Knot, send email to Congress
    Critters saying: One more honest hardworking
    voter in your district has just been charged;
    What are you going to do now, and say to his
    wife and children when you come home ?

  2. Peg Dunmire is one of those people that will listen. She is running as a conservative for FL-08, and is trying to beat one of the most abrasive new liberals in the Congress. Peg's website is www.dunmireforcongress.com, and if you could vote for her in an online poll, she would really appreciate it. Please click on www.guetzloe.com/01_homepg.html to vote. She knows Alynsky's rules...and wants to defeat those that would use them to usurp the Constitution. Thanks!

  3. I totally agree. These people mean to make slaves of all of us. The time is approaching when no means of resistance will be too extreme if we are to preserve the jewel of liberty bequeathed to us by the blood of our ancestors.

    It grieves me to think that I may be forced to cultivate the same kind of hatred in my breast for fellow Americans that my father felt for the Nazis, and to teach that hatred to my children, but I will live as a free American or I will die, and that's all there is to it.

  4. I don't think it has to get violent, I am from Argentina, I say starve the beast, what if maybe 5 or 10 million of us stop paying taxes altogether? How many can they take to jail. The fight will be over really fast.

  5. I wonder if Lech Walesa would be a better example. Civil disobedience. Flood DC with millions, occupy offices. Strike. Demand resignations. Work with state's rights movements, fiscal conservative groups working to take back state and local positions, delegates, school boards, etc. Start reform from ground up, just hope we have time.

    The danger of resisting/going to prison is dems will salivate and revoke your right to vote once you're convicted, then pass amnesty, hoping to buy all those votes. Also spread dependency on big gov now to 2012 to make it impossible for conservatives to fix nation's problems. We who love freedom will have to pull together. Forget this "dying" stuff.

  6. I won't pay for health care if any of that money goes to subsidize abortion. Period.

  7. You don't bring politicians to their senses. You bring them to the unemployment line. They are not our rulers. They are not our masters. They are our servants.

  8. Sorry, Anon 10:15, but that was a different era, when neither was neither fast communication nor fast transportation...and a little more meaning to political boundaries. Today the police chief would get on the ameche to the state commissioner of public safety, SWAT teams would be dispatched from across the state, and the arrestees would be farmed out to all the state's jails.

  9. The Pelosijails were stripped from the Senate version of the bill. The worst anyone can do now to enforce the law is tut-tut and a strongly worded letter.

  10. What is interesting about the Cloward-Priven strategy is that this is precisely why socialism failed. Except the strategy was executed by the people rather than the government. As more and more of those enslaved under communism began to realize that there was no incentive to produce they gladly became wards of the state. Even with coercive actions by the state to force labor - it still could not produce sufficient benefits to support the state apparatus. As Lech Welsa once stated - the government pretended to pay us and we pretended to work.

  11. It is easy to say we could just stop paying taxes but those of us who work have things we've actually work FOR and would like to keep. Those that have been on he government teat for so long are more than happy to risk jail for minimum wage protest gigs. And their votes are guaranteed to keep the one's who slop the pigs in office. POLICY that can cross the boundaries is the only thing that can work. Like: receipt of welfare, afdc, homestead exemption, food stamps leads to another government "benefit"..namely the IRS Form 1099-GOV. When we have the government redistributing our money and tracking it like they make us we'll regain control.

  12. Hit them where it hurts. A national strike, no work, no going to stores, no taxes.

  13. I think we get serious about the Polish solution: Follow Lech Walesa's lead -- he had RIGHT on his side and knowing this gave him courage and determination.

    We also commit to non-work days: no income to tax and send to D.C. coffers. Also, provides day off for sit-downs at government offices.

    Cl and PV tactic is to overload the system; we'll go one step better, and clog it and stop it alltogether.

    We will NOT be made slaves to tyrants, usurpers, and do-good meddlers.

  14. A NATIONAL STRIKE is a great idea. Atlas must shrug to get this rogue government's attention!

  15. Your all just in mental hell trying to figure out what is really going on, and this is exactely what they want you to keep doing. It's a game to the global elete. Can they get us so confused, so devided, so stressed out that we just cant function, or even think straight.Then you are so easy to control. Get Out Now and Just Stop.