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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dems going to bribe Republicans with nuclear power to get their vote

With Cap and Trade legislation facing what could be it's ice age, there is a small coalition of Senators, lead by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) working on drafting an amendment to the bill that would speed up construction of new U.S. nuclear reactors. The hope is this will draw some Republican support for the monstrosity that will raise the cost of energy and anything produced with energy for every man, woman and child. As we talked about almost a month ago, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) talks about provisions on nuclear power and offshore oil drilling that could win his support for this bill.

I can only hope Republicans don't fall for this clear manipulation. I would love nothing more than to get new nuclear power plants, but not with the sacrifice of freedoms and adding new taxes and fees to the American people once more. There is only so much that the economy, business and the individual can take. If we continually burden our system with more taxes, fees, requirements and regulation it will break. It is already bent to the point of exhaustion now.

Regardless of your position on global warming, there is no doubt Cap and Trade does little to nothing to reduce emissions. It only creates a new derivatives market, waiting to be used and abused by those who participate. It will cause energy prices to skyrocket and the cost of goods in this country to be astronomically high. It won't reduce emissions and it won't cause the planet to be cleaner.

Here is another chance for Republicans to prove their mettle. They must continue to stand by the Democrats in the House and Senate that know the devastation Cap and Trade will bring, ravaging their districts. This bill must not be passed-even with the sweet promise of nuclear power. If the Dems are serious about nuclear power, they will build those plants before they profit rape the American people. Clean energy is good for everyone.

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