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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dems voting to massacre the economy TODAY

Democrats on the Hill believe they have the votes needed to completely destroy what is left of the wavering U.S. economy. They will push on with a rare Saturday or even rarer Sunday vote to decimate the Healthcare system and the American people.

With Democrats' command of the necessary votes looking tenuous in the final hours, Obama threw the weight of his administration behind the effort to round up support. He and top administration officials worked the phones to pressure wavering lawmakers.

Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa., said he heard Friday from Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Their message: "This is a historic moment. You don't want to end up with nothing," said Altmire, who remained undecided.

Democratic leaders hoped to hold the vote Saturday evening, but Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said it could slip.

Democrats hold 258 seats in the House and can afford 40 defections and still wind up with 218, a majority if all lawmakers vote. But all 177 Republicans were expected to vote "no," and Democratic leaders faced a series of complications trying to seal the needed votes for their complex and controversial legislation that would affect one-sixth of the economy and touch the lives of countless Americans.
It is imperative that lawmakers see the error of their ways. Every one of those people wuld vote no on this monstrosity if they cared anything about the American people. No reform of the healthcare system needs to be 2,800 pages long. All of these fines, requirements, laws, regulations and taxes do untold damamge to the American way of life, while doing so little to improve things. Reform can be had. Small changes could be made, first giving relief to those who need it most and widening reform from there; finding actual changes that contain costs for eveyone along the way.

This is nothing but an over-reaching power grab. This will be the begining of the destruction of the American way if it is allowed to be made into law.

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  1. I just love how the Democrats "out" themselves in their own speech: "we can't end up with nothing." So much form over substance from the party that admits that it is better to pass something for their own power-centric ego, than to do the right thing for Americans. Our unique balance of liberty and well-fare are under attack. If the equilibrium in the balance is traded, it cannot be regained.