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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Economy: the Money Pit of this decade.

In what can only be presumed as a move to further endear themselves to people who don't know any better, Senate Democrats are looking to spend even more money, that we don't have, yet another program, that we don't need. In a bill sponsored by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) they would give unemployment compensation to employees who accept a reduced work schedule in order to avoid layoffs or so the company can hire more employees.
“Work share programs provide businesses with the flexibility to reduce hours instead of cutting jobs,” Reed said in a statement. “This plan will help prevent layoffs, make businesses more productive, and save taxpayers money by keeping people on payrolls and off unemployment benefits."
Subsidizing people who are working reduced hours, but working none-the-less? The Democrats are making this economy "The Money Pit" of this decade. Money for healthcare, money for Cap and Trade, money for extended unemployment benefits, money for companies, money for foreclosures-when does it end? If we are going to subsidize people who are working reduced hours, how long until we subsidize those who aren't making a standard of wage? If we subsidize workers in this way, what is the motivation for the company to get workers back to work full-time? Will the companies have to pay back this money once they are back up to full speed later down the line-or-is the American Taxpayer once again on the line for paying for it and making sure that others get their "fair share." Once again we see lawmakers that are throwing money at the symptom, which does nothing to relieve the actual disease.

Why don't they see that the way to increase people's hours and wages is by implementing programs that create jobs? Subsidizing every aspect of our economy is not only a flawed and impossible plan, it's not good for the future of our country.

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