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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey Dems, why don't you stay outta the GOP?

Apparently Gloria Borger is unaware what constitutes a conservative candidate or for that matter a Republican. Just like David Plouffe on Meet the Press over the weekend, they are busy telling Republicans how to run their party-while Liberals are the least accepting and inclusive of them all. If you don't want to welcome every fence jumping illegal immigrant and slaughter every baby inconvenient to your life....well they have no use for you.

The fact of the matter is Dede Scozzafavva was not rejected by conservatives for simply being pro-choice or high tax or for the bailout or a big government lover. She was rejected for being ALL of those things. What the left and RINO's seem to miss is that conservatives are losing patience with those in our party who cannot uphold even a minimum of standards. If the Republicans are going to move in the direction of the Democrats, then what's the point of being Republican?

At the very least a Republican must stand firm on small government, less spending and a strong national defense. There must be no compromise on those issues. The problem is, all too often the GOP establishment is putting liberal Republicans in seats because they think they can win that seat with them. Well let me ask you, GOP establishment, when Olympia Snowe votes with Democrats 95% of the time what is the difference if we have a Republican in that seat or a moderate Democrat? I would vote for a moderate Democrat with a history of supporting lower taxes and smaller government over a liberal Olympia Snowe Republican any day. It is time for the GOP to realize that we will no longer vote for a candidate only because they have an "R" behind their name on a ballot.

It is wrong to assume that because independents may differ from some conservatives on social issues, it automatically means they somehow agree with liberals. More and more it seems the really zealous, uber-libs believe everyone wants to move to the left-in one big giant step. They want the people to think everyone (except that 20% of the population they keep throwing around) wants gay marriage or unrestricted, unfettered access to abortion or a nanny state or any of the other large governmental and social policies being pushed by them. Unfortunately, the polling and the voting would seem to indicate otherwise. As much as conservatives are bashed for being unaccepting and unaccommodating time and time again, when put to a vote these issues are voted down by the people-except in the most liberal areas. These are the same independents liberals keep trying to bash the conservative party with. What does that say about America?

I've got news for people like Gloria and David....the GOP has a big tent. We welcome anyone who loves their family, wants to protect their country, believes that people-not government-do the best jobs of running their lives and support a smaller, more efficient government. It is wrong to assume that the large majority of conservatives would turn on a candidate because we don't see eye-to-eye on every single subject. There are single issue voters in every party-to pretend otherwise is a false and disingenuous stance. In either party, those voters represent a very small portion of the over-all totals. The majority of Americans are independent voters, not in full alignment with either party on every issue-on that I will agree-where you are mistaken is in your thinking that conservatives don't want anything to do with them.

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