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Monday, November 16, 2009

If you allow Santa, you might bring out the Nazi's

When did it become acceptable to discriminate against people for their religion? How did we let PC go so far that it is reasonable have a full on assault against anything Christian in this country, but calling a radical Muslim terrorist what he is, is avoided at all costs? How did non-discrimination, freedom and acceptance get twisted into the white-washing and de-Christianizing of every major holiday? I thought equal, meant including everyone-not the exclusion of everyone-but a few......

In Chelmsford MA they have taken the "holiday" out of the Holiday Store at Byam Elementary School. While these rules have been in place for some years, a couple of the parents are asking that holiday themed items be allowed back in to the store for children who wish to buy them.

Superintendent Donald Yeoman told The Sun on Tuesday that the rules for the gift shop are under the authority of Byam Principal Jane Gilmore. Ultimately, said Yeoman, the policy for the gift shop was set so no child would feel left out.
It is unbelievably sad to me that we have come so far in this country, that the way to not leave out children, is to leave out most of the children. As I have pointed out before, we are going down a dangerous path in this country where we sacrifice the many for the few on the alter of political correctness. There is no justifying this way of making all children feel included-yet excluding 80% of them.

I am not offended that my Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah. I do not feel left out when I drive by a mosque. There is no anger in my heart when I see a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Why, if we are going to preach acceptance and tolerance, do we not practice it for all religions and traditions? How is it that a cross can be submerged in a jar of urine and called art-and allowed to stand no matter how offensive-but a child cannot buy a holiday candle and give it to her mother for Christmas?

What parent in that room can reasonably think that allowing Santa in a holiday store will then cause someone to break out a swastika? Only an idiot, that's who.

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  1. Get your facts straight. The policy has been in place since 1982! Long before the current principal.
    The outraged parents...NEVER, EVER, attended a PTO meeting when they were looking for input. AFTER all the work was done they came in with their demands.
    If you want to ram your religion down your kids throats great. Just leave me and my kids out of your crazy fairy tales.