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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mounting evidence of going "Galt"

I couldn't agree more. The problem is, it couldn't be more depressing:
With the threat of this administration and congress, what is the possible motivation for anyone with ideas and capital to invest their time, talent and money into a risky endeavor? There appears to be none. In fact there appear to be powerful incentives not to invest any time and treasure -- thus an economy with almost zero creative inertia.

For Obama voters, almost zero creative inertia means almost no one is having bright ideas, starting businesses based on them and hiring employees to help share the dream.
Sadly this Administration just doesn't get it. This is exactly why the economy isn't recovering. As a small business owner I would love to make some changes, maybe even hire someone, but with all the unknown variables there is no way that is going to happen. This Administration is not only sucking the life out of me, but with all the turmoil, mounting deficits with no end in sight and a clear desire to grab as much power as possible with little concern for what America wants-well, I and millions of other small business owners will maintain the status quo. I would never give the government the satisfaction of taking what I have worked so hard to achieve. I'll stop doing it before that will happen.


  1. "Sadly this Administration just doesn't get it."

    No, frighteningly, this administration does get it - they simply don't care. Creating jobs and a future for Americans and all that comes with that is not what this administration is all about.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, are 'not letting a crisis go to waste' and are completely, utterly focused on making as many voters as they can wholly dependent on big government from cradle to grave.

    They are using the economic crisis as a smoke screen - prolonging the economic crisis in the process - and disguising their true goals behind a facade of 'health care', 'overhaul of the financial system', 'global warming remediation' and other regulatory actions.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, are purposefully, and with malice aforethought, putting a cap on our economy and trading American's individual libery, freedom and opportunity so they - the governing elite - can tax, regulate and manipulate every aspect of our health, wealth and life styles.

  2. Wow is your life so worthless that Obama is the end of you life? Dramatic and truly not Objective.
    Decisions made out of fear are useless. The rest of the world will continue to live while you will give your up "life". So what if Obama takes over the world, aren't you still the same person? Stop living in fear. After Obama is gone what will you fear next?