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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday-Year in Review.

Barney Frank-I'm quoting "The notion that we want to retain these people, that we want to pay the people that messed it up in the first place…" Um yeah I completely agree-WHY WOULD WE CONTINUE TO RETAIN ASSHOLES THAT DON'T DO A GOOD JOB. Um, hypocrite much? YOU need to go. 15 punches

Rep. Charlie Rangel-So….another fine upstanding lawmaker on the Hill for ya-Representin' Baby! When asked about a Caddy paid for with taxpayer money, four rent-stabilized apartments received at 50% off market value (one of which was turned into a campaign office, umm yeah, illegal, asshole) and a failure to pay taxes on rental income from property he holds-he responded "Why don't you mind your g*ddamn business?" Nice. Very nice. Why don't you quit being a prick. You need to be gone. 10 punches

Rep. Charlie Rangel-'Ole Charlie has gotten together with Max Bacus and introduced some new legislation-The “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009” would mandate Individuals with offshore accounts provide details on these accounts and list them on tax returns. Rules governing trusts would be "significantly strengthened" to prevent the true beneficiaries from hiding front entities." Ugh-nothing like putting the criminals in charge of the......err, other criminals. Can you say pot and kettle? Corruption is the highest form of flattery? No matter how you slice it Charlie gets 10 punches for more of the same---"Do as I say, not as I do."

Timothy F. Geithner- This is short and sweet-if you are too stupid to use Turbo Tax you are too stupid to run the Treasury and the IRS. 10 punches

Timothy F. Geithner-"Gimme, gimme, gimme!!" Go away-you are a liar and too dim-witted to run the f'n Treasury. 10 punches

Nancy Pelosi. I would like to punch her in the face 5 or 6 times. I dislike her more than anyone else I can think of right now. Not only she is the worst Speaker of the House ever with her divisive politicking, but she is a complete and total waste of air. 5 punches

Nancy Pelosi-Dear Ms. Pelosi-You are either too stupid, a liar, or have too poor a memory to serve this country. YOU KNEW & APPROVED of the waterboarding done to the terrorists! STFU!-10 punches. (plus eleventy gazillion punches as a bonus because I dislike you that much.)
Nancy Pelosi-OMG! Nan wants to use unspent TARP funds as a “good pay-for” for a second round of stimulus spending. Soooooo way back in January when we were all blogging about how TARP would just become a never ending salad bar of dolla dolla bill for the government to use as it sees fit? Yeah, WE were the crazy ones........It's weird to me that apparently Nancy can't tell the difference between a "financial institution" and a slush fund.....oh wait-to them it is the same thing. Right. I forgot. Heaven forbid we just not spend that borrowed money at all.......10 punches

To the climate changers, global warming alarmists and Al "I love me some Twinkies" Gore-- all I can say at this point is SUCK IT! Stop trying to defend the indefensible and stop trying to make us believe that the emails weren't about manipulating data in your favor to get the desired results. Of course it was and for that you all get 100 punches

The Pimps on Capital Hill-They sold their constituents like crack whores for this farce of a Health care Reform Bill. Mary Landrieu got $100 million, $300 million went to California, Sen. Ben Nelson sold his "Ladies" for Medicaid subsidies, Sen. Chris Dodd received $100 million for a phantom hospital to be built, which no one is really even sure exists.......the list goes on and on; the point is this-our representatives in DC cannot sell our souls for their benefit and expect no repercussions-we are not your whores to prostitute out for your own delight. For your treatment of the American people you get Eleventy-frillion punches to go along with your arrogance and complete disregard for the people you represent.

Chris Matthews-Honorable mention-here and here.

The winners in our Yearly Wrap-up of Face Punch Wednesday are as follows:

For most appearances on the list, Queen Nancy Pelosi wins the "I Want to Punch You so Hard Your Dog Cries" award- Frankly, Nancy Pelosi's very existence offends me. She is the most divisive Speaker of the House ever and the poster child for what being addicted to Botox and plastic surgery does to your brain. For being one of the major architects of the ruination of this great country and a liar, you should be punched so hard your dog cries.

For obtaining the most points without going over, the climate changers, global warming alarmists and Al "I love me some Twinkies" Gore win the "We Wouldn't Know the Truth if it was Accumulating in the Snow at Our Feet" award- If it wasn't for lies and made up data.....well.........they wouldn't be on the list.

And finally:
For being a complete tool and a wiener-though he has neither and wouldn't know how to work them even if he did-Timmy Geithner wins the "What do you mean I can't run the Treasury in QuickBooks" award. He can't work a computer program that essentially works itself, he wants more power when he already has too much and he is unable to complete 3rd grade math calculations. Normally, this would exclude you from holding one of the most powerful offices in the country, but as has been the norm with this Administration-those were actually the qualifications they searched for when looking for someone to fill position of Secretary of the Treasury.

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  1. How about Balloon Boy Parents, White House Party Crashers, Arlen Specter, GM, Dodge and other companies who screwed their investors, Oh and SEIU... Just some thoughts as to might also need some punches...