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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

All Senate Republicans-Republicans claim they want no part of the travesty being visited on the American people in the form of bondage-not the good kind mind you-or indentured servitude, called Health Care Reform, but they have used a fraction of the procedures available to actually stop it. There were many parliamentary maneuvers which could have been used to slow down, or maybe even stop the health care bill from advancing, but instead they stood around offering up meaningless amendments and giving endless speeches, which has really done nothing to quash this purely tyrannical abuse of power. 1 frillion punches for you all for not growing a pair before it was too late.

The Pimps on Capitol Hill-They sold their constituents like crack whores for this farce of a Health care Reform Bill. Mary Landrieu got $100 million, $300 million went to California, Sen. Ben Nelson sold his "Ladies" for Medicaid subsidies, Sen. Chris Dodd received $100 million for a phantom hospital to be built, which no one is really even sure exists.......the list goes on and on; the point is this-our representatives in DC cannot sell our souls for their benefit and expect no repercussions-we are not your whores to prostitute out for your own delight. For your treatment of the American people you get Eleventy-frillion punches to go along with your arrogance and complete disregard for the people you represent.

Build-a-Bear, Inc.-Build-a-Bear is taking their desire to make fake things real a little too far, by airing a webisode featuring Santa and all kinds of creatures great and small, talking about how the entire North Pole will melt in two days due to global warming. They substantiate their claims with false information, outright lies and a scientific experiment-which is neither scientific or an experiment. A Build-a-Bear spokesperson then goes on to claim they never intended to politicize a topic, they just wanted to educated children about the environment.......um, which is weird considering next to the health care debate, climate change is the hottest topic on the map right now. What's next?- a webisode featuring Dr. Bear who refuses to treat Grandma so they can educate children on the benefits of socialized medicine? BaB gets 100 punches and not another dime of my money. Ever.

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