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Monday, December 7, 2009

Grassroots activists ask for a meeting-NO VIDEO ALLOWED-watch the video

Today several members of different grassroots organizations around St. Louis gathered at the St. Louis County government Building, office of St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Redington, to deliver two petitions demanding the charges be reviewed and revised in the cases concerning Kenneth Gladny and Kelly Owens assault(s) which took place last August at a Russ Carnahan townhall.

Here a quick pre-interview with Frieda Keough and Kelly Owens:

We went on up to the office to present the petitions to Ms. Redington. When two of us showed up running video, Deputy Counselor Bob Grant came out after about 10 minutes and told us Ms. Redington wouldn't meet with us on camera.....which I videoed :)

We decided to go ahead and shoot video of Freida reading the statement that would accompany the petitions. Here is the statement that goes with the petitions presented:

We then went in and had a meeting-which I did not record (as requested)....this time. We are giving Ms. Redington the opportunity to review the new facts presented and take further action; moving it up the food chain so to speak, referring this case to a higher office as it should have been from the beginning. While we got little satisfaction from Patricia Redinton's office, we do understand that we must work within the confines of the law. We hope now that more evidence has been given to Ms. Redington she will forward this case to a state or federal prosecuting entity as should have been done at the start.

Stay tuned.......................