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Monday, December 7, 2009

Grassroots activists ask for a meeting-NO VIDEO ALLOWED-watch the video

Today several members of different grassroots organizations around St. Louis gathered at the St. Louis County government Building, office of St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Redington, to deliver two petitions demanding the charges be reviewed and revised in the cases concerning Kenneth Gladny and Kelly Owens assault(s) which took place last August at a Russ Carnahan townhall.

Here a quick pre-interview with Frieda Keough and Kelly Owens:

We went on up to the office to present the petitions to Ms. Redington. When two of us showed up running video, Deputy Counselor Bob Grant came out after about 10 minutes and told us Ms. Redington wouldn't meet with us on camera.....which I videoed :)

We decided to go ahead and shoot video of Freida reading the statement that would accompany the petitions. Here is the statement that goes with the petitions presented:

We then went in and had a meeting-which I did not record (as requested)....this time. We are giving Ms. Redington the opportunity to review the new facts presented and take further action; moving it up the food chain so to speak, referring this case to a higher office as it should have been from the beginning. While we got little satisfaction from Patricia Redinton's office, we do understand that we must work within the confines of the law. We hope now that more evidence has been given to Ms. Redington she will forward this case to a state or federal prosecuting entity as should have been done at the start.

Stay tuned.......................


  1. Don't hold your breath. Since she declined to have your meeting with her videotaped she can later claim deniability that she never received your petition. At best your petitions will end up in her round file.

  2. I don't know exactly what federal offense you may be thinking of, but in my experience as a criminal lawyer, matters are rarely referred up. If anything, it is the prosecutor of the higher court snatching the case and the limelight away from the prosecutor of lower court by preferring charges the lower court cannot prosecute, and incorporating the lower court's charges as lesser included crimes.

    The problem here is that the prosecutor in your higher court sees no benefit, no limelight, no political advantage in taking the case.

    identify or create that limelight/advantage and indictments will fly as fast as lies during campaigns, but if you rely upon an aversion to negative reaction to motivate your prosecutor, well... they've all read Machiavelli.

  3. You're asking the wrong office for action. The prosecuting attorney can take whatever cases it chooses, whether Redington refers it to them or not. The US Attorney takes whatever cases it chooses without input from state and local prosecutors.
    --former counselor

  4. It is amazing to me that there are no lawyers around to represent conservatives. It is a market yet to be fufilled. I guess that says a lot about lawyers. It is no wonder that they outnumber doctors ten to one; the stupid greedy sharks can't wait to sink their teeth into anyone who actually works or produces. What are the lawyers going to do when our country is turned into the communist utopia that they and their marxist government friends have created? Who is going to feed their filthy fangs then?

  5. Takes my breath away...as a fellow Conservative woman, I have also run into similar bouts of Liberal injustice. Know that you are NOT ALONE. It's time to start fighting the Good fight. You are courageous and may God bless your endeavor.

  6. How can you expect the Comrades of St. Louis COunty to prosecute thier own Thug Force of the SEIU? The County Prosecutor McCulloch wanted to prosecuted anyone who said anything Bad about Nigerian Barry Hussein Obowmao before the election.

  7. Sign me up for the next revolution!

  8. Anonymous - you answered your own question - there are almost no lawyers representing conservatives because conseratives, by their very nature, are not litigious people. The conservative sees ice on the pavement in front of a store and walks on it anyway and falls, gets hurt, and says "dang, that was a pretty stupid thing for me to do."
    The liberal/socialist/communist does the same thing, falls and then sues everyone in site - the store, the store manager, the store clerk, the ambulance company that didn't get there fast enough, the racial profiling of the hospital that did not treat them fast enough, etc.

  9. look @ www.biggovernment.com, in the archives for November 30 and December 1,2,and 3. There is a 4 part series about the events of that night. The report is mostly about K Gladney, but they mention another woman who was hit in the face.
    They also cover McCulloh's politics. The story was picked up by Glenn Beck (me@glennbeck.com) and Greta on Fox. Greta had the KMOX reporter on there, but he stated that it was not political??????
    The video from Glenn Beck's show is also on there.
    Try contacting Glenn Beck(me@glennbeck.com), Bill O'Reily(oreilly@foxnews.com), Sean Hannity and Greta all @ Fox news. Also Michele Malkin(writemalkin@gmail.com).
    I agree with Hunt Brown (# 2 comment). No one will listen if you don't shine the limelight on this.
    The Tea party movement is news and we need to shine some light on this corruption before the 2010 elections. I am from St. Louis and am really upet by this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.