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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guest post: Feet on Fire

Written by Brian Bollmann
(Cross posted here. Brian has some other really great stuff. Go. Read.)

In 2009, a year that will live in infamy, it will be recorded that our Congress and President enacted the largest tax hike on the middle class of American citizens in the history of the Republic. In this dreadful year, with total disregard for the mandate of the People, in denial of millions of enraged citizens and in utter contempt of their oath to defend The Constitution, Congress and the President enacted $787 Billion of Stimulus, $410 Billion in Omnibus Spending, a budget with a $1.4 Trillion Deficit, raised the Debt Limit by $1.8 Trillion and stood by as the national debt rose past $12 Trillion.

It was said that if we take all the profits from all U.S. corporations for the next 200+ years, we could not pay off the $12 Trillion in admitted debt – not including the unfunded mandates of Medicare and Social Security. This is a total disgrace.

Yet, in the week just ended 12/11/2009, Congress has proposed an Omnibus Spending bill for another $447 Billion with more than 5000 earmarks! 5000+ earmarks – of which, many STILL came from the purported “fiscally responsible” Republican Party members.

All sanity has left the square diamond that is Washington, DC.

Americans! Pay attention to this next statement: Every time Washington politicians increase spending… …they literally suck the life out of you. Not figuratively. Not anecdotally. Literally!

You and I have to work for every dollar that a politician spends. You and I must toil in some manner to pay for the iPhone of the low level bureaucrat making twice our wage and writing legislation to remove our gun rights. You and I must labor to bear the expense of creating documents the EPA uses to declare Carbon Dioxide a noxious chemical. You and I.

When a bureaucrat, Congressman or President decide to spend $11 instead of $10, you and I must work, usually away from our family and friends, to pay that additional $1. Government bureaucrats, Congress Members and Presidents don’t work for that $1. We do.

For most of us, ‘working’ is time away from things we’d rather be doing: family, friends, faith, hobbies and love.

The government is literally taking your time. It is literally sucking your ‘life time’ away from you.

Happy?!?! Think we should give more of our time to the Government? Think we need more spending; more iPhone toting bureaucrats; more EPA documents?

The time has come to revolt against this government; to take back our time for ourselves; to win back our freedom; to re-win our independence.

I propose a New Independence Day! I propose that, when enacted, new Constitutional Amendments allow Americans to spend no more than one-quarter of their lives working to support ALL levels of Government (and their bureaucracies), pay off the national debt, balance the budget, and set aside emergency funds.

Therefore, declare March 31, 2011 as your New Tax Independence Day. And celebrate every March 31st henceforth as Tax Independence Day.

True freedom to allow your labors to benefit you and your family. True freedom from Government mandates, out-of-control spending, hypocritical legislation, and unfathomable mounting debt!

The first questions we must ask our elected officials and those that wish to receive our votes: Will you submit and tenaciously advance constitutional amendments to free the American people from the bonds of slavery this Government has placed upon its Citizens – nay…….its OWNERS?!?! Will you amend the Constitution to balance the budget? Will you vote to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments? Will you work to ensure all Americans are subject to pay the government's bills for no more than one-quarter of their lives? Will you guarantee this country always has Emergency Funds available?

If the answer is anything but an emphatic, "YES!" .....you will know that politician is not working for you. That politician is working in their own interest………and that of the Government. At that point, you may as well vote for a liberal! Because that is what you've got.

Hold their feet to the fire! Our time is now.........or you can explain to your children and grandchildren why you didn't stand up!

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