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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lauer wants Steele to get Lieberman in line?

It seems Matt Lauer has forgotten that Joe Lieberman is not a member of the GOP. While once again selling Republicans as the party blocking passage of the Fauxcare Bill, Lauer seemed to be blaming them for the fact that Lieberman isn't going to vote for it:
LAUER: Let's talk about health care reform. The President says he thinks the Senate will pass his version of the bill by Christmas. Joe Lieberman says he's not voting for it in it's current form. So is the President's stocking going to be empty on Christmas Day?
STEELE: I hope so, Matt, I really do. You know it's an amazing feat of tin-ear, you know, episodes here in Washington where people are not listening to what folks back at home are saying. I think the polls, latest polls are showing up to 60 percent of the people want this thing either stopped, slowed down or somehow modified to, to take into account, as, as Savannah reported, the spending. I mean, no one's telling us where this money is gonna come from to pay for a lot of the, the changes that this health care bill has in it. You have Lieberman and others sitting there going, "Well I don't know, this is not what we thought it was gonna be, there's still a little bit of a public option here or there."
Interestingly, not only can the Republicans not stop a light bulb changing right now in the House or Senate, but also Joe isn't a Republican...... Why is he grilling Steele on whether or not this thing is going to pass. Ask the Democrats (more and more everyday) coming out against it. Ask the Independents. Ask the people who actually have the power to pass or fail a behemoth package usurping 1/6 of our nations economy. Stop blaming the Republicans.

It is fun to see the clear libs like Lauer clawing and scraping at any excuse they can find for why this monstrosity hasn't passed yet. They just can't admit most sane people, be them democrat or republican, do not want this. Only the most left of the party want single payer and refuse to acknowledge the risks-oh be honest, the clear cut path-of that happening under any version of the healthcare bills currently being evaluated. With over 60% of the American people against these bills, moderate Democrats, Republicans or any politician with a brain won't touch this thing with a 10 foot poll.

Sorry Matt....you're asking the wrong guy.


  1. I disagree with Lieberman on plenty, but generally speaking, he's shown himself to be a man of integrity. I know it's wishful thinking, but I'd love to see how liberal heads would explode if he decided to start caucusing with the GOP. Then Lauer would have something to grill Steele about!

  2. Personally, I think Lauer was just pissed they actually booked a Republican on *his* show.