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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moore from the Right

As most of you know I started a new online T.V. show two weeks ago, "Moore from the Right". The content of the show is centered around current events, mostly politics to be sure, but it is my intention to cover anything that is hot in the news.
A fun, interactive, smart show discussing politics and current events. Sometimes sweet and always snarky-join Michelle Moore for the most informative and exciting 30 minutes you will find anywhere on the Internet!
Our first show went off without a hitch. I started with one of my favorites, GatewayPundit, Jim Hoft. We talked Climategate/the fallacy of Cap and Trade for the majority of the show. Jim has done some great work highlighting all of the information coming out on the hacked emails and as always he gave us fantastic insight into the real story. Jim was a great guest and I look forward to having him back in January. It is my plan to talk him into doing a semi-regular thing with me.

This week I had Luke Livingston on. Luke is the Executive Producer of "Tea Party Movie: The Documentary Film" and owner of Ground Floor Video, a video production company. I wanted to talk to Luke because I had seen a preview of the Tea Party movie and thought it was fantastic. As someone who has been involved with Tea Party since before it was Tea Party, I can tell you it really brings back memories to see all the hard work and dedication it took to get this thing started. (Not that we aren't all still hard working and dedicated-WE ARE. Now though, it has been incorporated into our lives. Now it is something we do, not something we are trying to figure out how to fit in. Weird how things change.) The documentary follows 5 main folks who first got involved with the Tea Party movement-before it was really a movement-and then their rise into full-blown activism. The documentary is exceptionally well done. I encourage anyone who has been involved with Tea Party or who has secretly desired to be involved with Tea Party to watch this movie. Luke was a fantastic guest. They are running a great Christmas special on the site-buy two get one free. Promote capitalism and get your copy today!

It is my plan to do a better job of posting each week who our guest will be and our topic for the night. There are no archives of the shows at this time, but that should be changing very soon. For now, you'll just have to be sure to watch us LIVE every Thursday at 9pmCST on PreppyDudeTV!

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