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Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Reagan Revolution-The NEW Operation Coffee Cup

One of the most tireless and dedicated freedom fighters I know, Jeff Reynolds, has launched a new initiative this week on his web site New Reagan Revolution. Reviving an old concept, "Operation Coffee Cup", with a new twist. The idea is to get folks to come together, looking to the timeless words and wisdom of Ronald Reagan, and get them to send a "Coffee Cup Message" to their elected officials, reminding them that we have no interest in socialized medicine.

I know that we feel deflated, frustrated, tired, and outraged that our elected officials have abjectly refused to listen to us, and they are plunging headlong into forcing socialized medicine upon the American people. And I know that everyone I speak to wants to send a message.

I say that we encourage every concerned citizen to send each of their representatives a Coffee Cup, with a message inside from http://www.newreaganrevolution.com/ reminding them who they work for and why what they're doing will destroy our country.

Each coffee cup will say, "Reagan was right then ... and he's STILL right today!" Inside each cup will be the text of Reagan's talk from his seminal AMA LP record from 1961.
Here's how you do this:

Visit the New Reagan Revolution Storefront

  • Order cups one at a time, not several at once.
    FOR THE SHIPPING ADDRESS, ENTER THE ADDRESS OF YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL. (Senator mailing addresses here) (House of Reps mailing addresses here)
  • Repeat as many times as you like until all the representatives you want to get the message are included.
  • If you like it, don't forget to order one for yourself or a liberal friend.
  • Important note - as of the launch of this operation (Dec 1, 2009), shipping times will be approximately 2-3 weeks. This will coincide with the height of the floor debate in the Senate, and the operation will continue if/when a bill is passed and needs to be reconciled in conference committee with the House bill. As this operation ramps up, shipping times are expected to be greatly reduced.
Send Reid and Pelosi those coffee cups. Maybe a some real wisdom will get inside their heads if we can force feed it to them through their coffee.

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  1. You rule, thank you!

    Quick point - storefront will be functional again today. Had some issues with amazon's hidden rules ;)