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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some FUN from Tea Party on 11-28

I was uploading my pictures to my Facebook account tonight from the Tea Party we had in St. Louis on 11/28. If you missed it-I have the entire livestream here and a post about it here.

While I was going through the photos, I found a couple of rarities-not only me NOT behind my computer running the stream, but also reminding me that I have made some very good friends in this battle. Goodness knows these are not EVEN CLOSE to all of the great friends (pft....nearly family) I have gained, standing shoulder to shoulder with these folks, but here are a few shots that make me smile. I hope it gives you a small sense of what we really mean to each other. We're not paid, we are hard working volunteers, but I'll tell you what most of the time there is no monetary value that could be put on this experience.......

RebootCongress and me. A smart guy and a good friend. He keeps me in line when I need "in lining" and lets me be when I'm doing my thing. Plus he's great at reminding me of all the things I tend to forget..........He'll send a nasty email if that's what it takes :)

SharpElbows and me. He is the funniest, sweetest guy ever-he also has a way of getting the BEST interviews. St. Louis Tea Party wouldn't be the same without Sharp. Plus, look how cool he made me look in this pose.......

GatewayPundit and me. Jim is a top blogger, a news breaker and news maker.....and one of the most regular guys you'd ever want to meet. I have become pretty good friends with Jim over this last year and I am so glad. What a fantastic mind and great person.

There are so many more......I think I will try to get photos like this with all of them and we'll make it a series.

All the people I love to Tea Party with!

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