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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

British Airways says YOU are a sex offender just because you're a man.

While there is no doubt public outrage would reach an untenable din if one were to assert that all black people must now fly on planes wearing handcuffs because they are criminals. How about if we made a rule that no Muslims could get on a plane ever again because all Muslims terrorists? Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to assert all men are perverted sex offenders. This week it has been revealed how British Airways handles unaccompanied minors sitting next to adult men. They handle it by assuring us all men are just waiting to jump at the chance to act inappropriately with children.
British Airways has been accused of treating all men passengers as potential sex offenders after it was revealed it has banned children from sitting next to male strangers - even if their parents are on the same flight.

The bizarre regulation came to light when a nine-year-old girl was moved from her seat next to a 76-year-old passenger and his wife on a flight from Malaga to London.

It is unconscionable to me that it is acceptable to label men in this manner with no provocation what-so-ever. Over and over we see double standards and unfair standards applied to the sexes-men shouldn't show emotion, yet women want to bitch when they don't; men shouldn't hit women, but it is fine for a woman to bash a man with the nearest frying pan every chance she gets. Men are the root of everything evil. Now we can cap all of our "be strong, silent, and awesome-even though you totally suck" with the added caveate of knowing you are a horrible sex pervert just wating to jump at the chance to touch a child.

Please, be sure to tell your sons.

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