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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea Party-bringing back America

Since the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, there is a lot of talk about how Republicans can win in November, harnessing the power of the Tea Party movement. The left wants to dismiss Tea Party as irrelevant and angry and the right can't figure out how to harness their influence. Strangely what both sides fail to realize is Tea Party (and other like minded groups) are not to be controlled or harnessed. That-in fact-is where the actual power comes from. Tea Party is not an organization really, its a mind-set and you can't control that.

As is proven by the election of Scott Brown, Tea Party isn't a conservative only movement, it's a smaller, fiscally responsible government, stay out of my pants/pockets/bedroom movement. Overwhelmingly America is seeing the false promises of government and it's inability to provide.......well, anything really. Independents and moderate Democrats are finding their leaders going much too far and they are joining in the Tea Party. Especially in a true blue state like Massachusetts, conservatives did not get Scott Brown elected. Intelligent, thinking human beings, tired of being ignored by their representatives got Scott Brown elected. Most assuredly, the majority of those folks were not only decidedly not conservative, they weren't Republicans either.

The Republican party and the media need to let go this idea of harnessing and controlling Tea Party. From this point forward you will see candidates win who support values and policies based on the Founding Fathers and the documents they created. Over so many years these ideas and our foundation have been forgotten. Tea Party is the driving force bringing those things back to the awerness of the American people.


  1. Right on Michelle. I believe that the tags of Democrat or Republican are going to become increasing irrelavent. The talk of the Tea Party movement as a third party is nuts. Tea Party Values are what the voters are looking for from either party. Sadly, the Dems are so tied up by the far left special interest groups that keep good conservatives from being elected from the same party that gave us Harry Truman.

  2. Well said, Michelle! I'm reminded of a statement along those same lines that Robbie Brouk of the Franklin Countywide Republican Club stated at the Nov 6, 2009 mtg "It starts with Conservative Activism from the ground up WITHIN the Republican Party. This is where the party can be the party of the people. It has been so watered down by the pressure of politics-as-usual it no longer has the strength of the conservative platform it was originally founded on. Read the Republican Platform-(it's)VERY Conservative! Learn how it (the platform)is created and how YOU may get into seats and positions and levels of (the) party where your strength will cause the Nationals to apply the pressure of politics on YOUR behalf. The party is what YOU make it"

    The "PATRIOT" HEAT is on!