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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Um, no James Jones I WON'T be shocked

National Security Advisor James Jones seems to think we will be shocked at the depth and breadth of failures in the Homeland Security process following the near tragedy in the air on Christmas Day. You know, the process that "worked" according to Janet Napolitano. The process that has already been shown to have holes and breakdowns.
White House national security adviser James Jones says Americans will feel "a certain shock" when they read an account being released Thursday of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane.
It may shock Mr. Jones to know that I will NOT be shocked. This Administration has done nothing but ignore the threat against this country, minimize the importance of national security and kiss the egos of our enemies. Not only has the system been poorly designed from the start, but the measures being taken now to "tighten" security are going to do nothing to less-than-nothing to make this country safe. Ripping toys and pillows from the hands of tots isn't a security measure. Searching Grandma isn't a security measure. Clearly defining and advertising the tell our TSA will look for in a "single extremest" isn't a security measure. Playing politically correct politeness games with our lives isn't a security measure.

No Mr. Jones, I will not be shocked at anything you tell me about the system and it's failures. If this country wants to actually be safe and protect it's citizens this Administration must begin to take seriously the terrorist threats against us. They must stop pretending these are just crimes like robbing the liquor store. When we begin to treat terrorists as common criminals and as though they pose no more threat to us than a 14-year old robbing a bank we end up with more bodies, another date to remember...another day to call a National Day of Service in this country.

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