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Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPAC 2010-Here I come!

I am currently sitting on a plane bound for D.C. to attend CPAC 2010. This is the premier event and kick-off to the political "season" for conservatives. The list of speakers is great and there are endless opportunities for networking. If meeting the movers and shakers in the conservative arena is your bag-CPAC is the place to be this weekend!

I will live-blog multiple events, do some live MetalBabe for RFC Radio and we will also broadcast "Moore from the Right" from the bar tonight-my most awesome partner the Mohawk, Fingers Malloy will join me and we will give you the days recap. It will be great-you won't want to miss it. There is also an extremely good chance I will do some last minute broadcasts and impromptu interviews. If you don't follow me on Twitter yet, you should-all the breaking news will be there and you will know what's next. Trust me there should be plenty to follow.

If you're attending CPAC be sure to look me up. I will be at all the above places and working some at the Smart Girl Politics booth. I'm generally easy to spot and would love to have the opportunity to meet you. Come on by!

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