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Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you President Obama

It's weird one of the strongest and most prevailing thoughts I have coming out of CPAC this year is to thank President Obama........

If you're paying attention to Tea Party or anyone in the conservative movement you know the biggest gripe isn't with the Democrats alone-they are acting just as we would expect them to. Liberal policy dictates they create large social and governmental programs to "help" the masses. However, as Republicans started following suit with more government and a tax and spend mind-set, conservatives started losing it. One of the original nasty deeds was the unfunded, improperly implemented Medicare Part D-Prescription Drug Benefit. Follow that choice then with the auto-bailout and TARP, conservatives have had enough with our own representation. While all government has been growing at a whip-lash inducing rate for far too long, these are recent catalystist which put an already failing system into a fiery tailspin.

It is time to return the Republicans to being the "Grand Ole Party". Republicans have forgotten their roots; I would even go so far as to say that even some Republican voters forgot their roots. We were voting for these guys time after time......one lone voice yelling on the T.V. was our wake up call. We are not "grand" if we are participating in the bankrupting of America.

If not for President Obama pushing for the hard liberal policies of the left, a majority of conservatives may have continued to sit in silence. As these policies have become clear and the Reid/Pelosi tag team have demolished the Constitution, conservatives watched our lawmakers go along for the sake of "looking good". For years we have been subjected to a dearth of leadership within the GOP.........as a result the people are now taking the reins. Once again we realize we are in charge of this country; we are the ones to be reckon with. As shown with the defeat of Dede Scozzafava in New York and the election of Scott Brown in MA-Tea Partiers are vetting candidates, then exerting the pressure to make things happen. We will no longer be silent or allow the GOP to pick who will represent us.

An oft occurring theme during CPAC was Republicans desire to take back the country and bring government and policy back in line with what most of the folks actually want. It is refreshing to hear our representative using these words and throwing out conservative talking points. I just hope they understand they must follow through, otherwise we will come looking for them too. No one is safe from the wrath of conservatives and Tea Partiers who have had enough.

The fact is, I have no problem believing most Conservatives and Republicans would have continued going along to get along, never challenging those who told us they were going to be good for us. While no doubt along the way we will make some mistakes and no single politician will make the choices we want them to at every turn, we will continued to vet, vote out and exert force on those in our party. We will continue to be sure our voices are heard and our wishes are considered.

......so for that I thank you President Obama. You woke up conservatives across the country and gave us the incentive we were looking for to return this country to greatness once again.

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