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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tim Pawlenty spanks Republicans and I like it

In an interview with Esquire Magazine Gov. Tim Pawlenty takes the bailouts and Republicans to task. Claiming the TARP Bailout was mainly contrived to keep Goldman Sachs from failing and stating the financial crisis was not as bad as it had been presented to the American people.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, Pawlenty suggested the bailout was contrived by Goldman Sachs execs for their own self interest. He referred to an unnamed story he read on how the bailout was conceived.
"In this story, Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, was meeting with other Goldman Sachs executives, trying to figure out what to do, and surprise, surprise, they came up with the conclusion that the federal government should bail out Goldman Sachs," Pawlenty said.
"So I don't take as an article of faith that the financial world would
have come to an end if we had let more of these institutions fail," he added.
I stand by the sentiment that there is no way to say we are better off with the bailouts than we would have been without. You cannot predict with any accuracy that which never happened. I would, however, offer we would have less debt and likely would not be worse off. The bailouts, and in particular TARP, really only helped a select few. The majority who are still suffering are regular everyday people who have not benefited in any way from either of those measures. Republicans are always accused of being the friend to big business, while ironically this Administration has done nothing but prop up big business at every turn, while making few moves to elevate the plight of everyday folks.

Governor Pawlenty then gives Republicans a little what-for pointing out they were the losing party for the last several years because they have done nothing to lead or differntiate themselves from the Democrats.
Pawlenty also had some harsh words for his fellow Republicans, blaming them for abandoning their beliefs and failing to address Americans' real concerns.
"The Republicans had their shot not long ago to address the real needs and concerns of everyday Americans, and they blew it," he told Esquire magazine. "Over the time that they were there and had the leadership opportunity, they blew it. We got fired for a reason."
Governor Pawlenty is right. As I have pointed out time and time again, being Democrat lite is not going to get Republicans back in office. Tea Party will see to that. Republicans must go back to their core values and stand for the common man once again. The American people don't want to be told what to do at every turn, nor work all week to take home less than 60% of their pay. We don't want to bailout irresponsible businesses when we are expected to keep our house in order. The people want their life, liberty and the ability to pursue their own happiness back. Freedom is what this country was founded on. Freedom is what we want.

If Republicans can't give us those things, Tea Party will stand behind candidates that will.


  1. When Paulson told us that we would be going over an economic cliff without the bailouts, he neglected to tell us that the "we" meant him and his other Goldman stock-holding friends.

  2. When I looked up Obama's campaign funds-under the PACs Goldman Sach's was the second largest contributor.

  3. The simplest way to show what a farce GW, Paulson,Geithner,Obama have pulled over the real 'we' is to ask the simple question:
    Can you find an attorney other than Holder who would have performed legal representation for such diverse groups at the same time??? If you can find one, you just found an attorney that would instantly forfeit a law license.

    The thievery performed by the above cabal with assistance from a duplicitous congress is worse than a punk robbing a convenience store for 'crack' money. Yes, worse as their pompous, Ivy League education appears to have omitted the obvious -- ethics.

  4. opensecret.com shows that the largest 'soft money' contribution every made to a political campaign was by Goldman Sachs execs who max'd out individual contributions for a total of $995,000. to the Obama campaign...

  5. No question...it was never "too big to fail" but "too connected to fail". Bailout of financials, TARP, as well as GM and Chrysler willl prove to be the biggest economic blunders in this history of this nation. Just concerned that there will be a candidate from either party that will have the intestinal foritude to do something about it.