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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a P A R-T A Y -a Rolling Tea Party....Don't miss it!

The infamous "Rolling Tea Party Guy" Brian Bollmann has been asked by all of St. Louis to put on another rolling Tea Party and he has graciously agreed!

THIS SATURDAY April 3 there will be another Rolling Tea Party. This time Brian has selected the St. Charles area to display our patriotism and spirit.

The people have spoken and they want another Rolling Tea Party!
On Saturday 04/03/10, “St. Louis Tea Party”, “I Heard The People Say”, and “Show-Me Patriots” invite St. Louis Metro Area Conservatives, Republicans, and other Fiscally Responsible citizens to join in a Rolling Tea Party through portions of
St. Charles County.

You are invited to decorate your vehicle with appropriate (and responsible) items to protest the out of control spending and legislation being proposed and enacted in Washington, DC.
So come on out-I will be there covering the event and supporting Brian-I would love to see you. Stop by and say "Hi!" There will be prizes for "Best Dressed Vehicle" and some great speakers.

For all the details AND a map of the route visit http://stlouisrollingteaparty.com


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Isn't that what a dictator does?

Apparently, claiming Republicans are playing politics will be the excuse Obama uses every time he does anything.

Despite intense Republican objections, President Obama on Saturday used recess appointments to fill 15 administration posts without Senate confirmation, including Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.

By filling the jobs while Congress is in recess, Obama gets around Senate confirmation. Obama justified the move by charging Republicans with playing politics with his administration nominees.

"The United States Senate has the responsibility to approve or disapprove of my nominees. But if, in the interest of scoring political points, Republicans in the Senate refuse to exercise that responsibility, I must act in the interest of the American people and exercise my authority to fill these positions on an interim basis," he said in a written statement.

So it would seem no matter the issue, no matter the overwhelming public outcry, no matter what anyone wants except Obama-that is all just everyone else playing politics. However rule breaking, subverting the process for lawmaking, the appointment process and just about anything that is not on the agenda of the far left are all fair game for Obama to impose his will and disregard the will of the American people......isn't that what a dictator does?

This is the excuse Obama always falls back on. It does not matter the issue, if anyone disagrees with him, it is just them trying to score "political points". Funny, where are all those lefties crying fowl now?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is no fixing crybaby either.......

I would never condone violence or threatening behavior from or against anyone. That being said, much of the ridiculous information that has come out this week is a clear attempt to once again paint Tea Party and Conservatives as violent, racist, and out of control. It is pathetic to say the least.......there is no proof any of the violence OR "very mean talking" up to now has been perpetrated by a conservative or a Tea Partier. NONE.

Funny though.....I wonder how much concern the left shows for the daily threats received by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and (just this week) Ann Coulter? Hmmm, let's ponder that for a moment.......oh right NONE.

Lest we forget this exact same narrative was played out last year when a window was broken at the DNC Headquarters in Denver, CO.

From the Daily KOS.
From ThinkProgress.
Even the Denver Post.

How ironic then, when it was shown to be a Democratic operative, once employed by the DNC, trying to make it LOOK as though someone from the GOP was responsible. Sad really. The left can't get us all worked up, so they have to make stuff up and blame it on us.

Even the Ft. Hood tragedy was pinned on the right before all the facts came out. Then to compound matters, once he was found to be a domestic terrorist, the press totally dropped the story. Alas, when they couldn't blame it on the right, they didn't want to talk about it any more.

Just this past weekend in St. Louis some members of various groups got together and held a candlelight prayer vigil and mock funeral (complete with casket) which started at Russ Carnahan's office and then moved to his house. On Monday following Russ filed a completely false and downright slanderous report with Jake Sherman of Politico. Russ claims the ceremony was threatening and the group placed the coffin on his lawn. Well, go watch the video and catch the news coverage-then I will leave you to make your own decision......

Time and time again, the more effective conservative groups, like Tea Party and 9-13'ers are, the more this type of thing is thrown our direction. We must continue to stand strong and not buckle under the pressure. It is imperative we act appropriately (as we already do) and we address quickly those who forget at times (as people who are passionate might) the best ways to continue this fight. Buck the rumors that are false, but never allow the message to get lost in the wilderness. Remember why you are here, then remember "all the rest is just noise"........

We need passion. We need boldness. We need to inspire and educate.

We don't need to lose our right-ness because we lost our cool.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

U.S. Senate forum-Missouri

Watch the U.S. Senate forum for Missouri LIVE here starting 2pm CST.

Free TV : Ustream

Yeah, let's let the Fed continue to screw stuff up....

This morning at a speech to the Independent Community Bankers of America's meeting in Orlando, Fla Bernanke made it clear he believes the Treasury should retain it's oversight powers on small banks.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made a fresh pitch Saturday to retain oversight of small banks, contending that what the Fed learns from that role helps it assess the overall health of the entire U.S. financial system.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made a fresh pitch Saturday to retain oversight of small banks, contending that what the Fed learns from that role helps it assess the overall health of the entire U.S. financial system.

Bernanke, in a speech to the Independent Community Bankers of America's meeting in Orlando, Fla., argued against a Senate proposal that would scale back the Fed's banking duties. Close connections with community banks give the Fed a better understanding of the nation's financial risks, including problems in commercial real-estate and small-business lending, according to Bernanke's prepared remarks.
Of course it is clear the government would like to keep their fingers in a little piece of every one's pie these days. The Obama administration has been pushing for more oversight and involvement of the Treasury in banking for some time now. The logic is the reckless policies and lack of oversight is what caused the current financial crisis we have been fighting against for the last couple of years. Unfortunately, while bad investment and poor lending policies did contribute-most of those situations occurred precisely because the government got involved in areas they had no business tampering with.

This Administration has time and time again pushed the straw-man of "too big to fail" as their impetus to continue to be involved in private enterprise. So, what is the logic behind maintaining and possibly expanding their role in small banks?
The Obama administration has supported a broader supervisory role for the Fed.

Legislation passed by the House to overhaul the regulatory system wouldn't trim
the Fed's banking duties. President Barack Obama, who used his Saturday radio
and Internet address to back a financial overhaul, cited large banks that "engaged in reckless financial speculation without regard for the consequences --- and without tough oversight."
Notice he doesn't really give a reason for staying involved with the small banks. The only possible reason is to then have a hand in all lending everywhere. The Federal government wants to again direct banks as to who, what, when and where banks are sending that money. It would not be a far leap to see them demand that those who are not worthy be allowed to borrow money regardless of ability to repay.....oh wait........


What a nasty little surprise right before the Demon Vote that will likely take place tomorrow. At the request of House Budget Ranking Republican, Paul Ryan, the CBO now says the "doc fix" will ADD $208 billion to the cost of the bill.
Contrary to recent claims, the Democratic health care overhaul will increase Federal deficits by atleast $59 billion, and more likely $260 billion, over the next 10 years.

New analysis from the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] provided at the request of House Budget Ranking Republican Paul Ryan, indicates that including the “doc fix” in the Majority’s health care overhaul adds $208 billion to the cost of the bill, increasing the deficit by $59 billion over the next 10 years.
There are also a number of other policy and budget items that were challenged and found to be either unrealistic or an outright fabrication in this report. At this point it is completely realistic and probable that the actual cost of this bill will "increase [the deficit] over the decade following 2019 “in a broad range around one quarter percent of GDP.” Using the Majority’s own methodology, this amounts to a second decade deficit of $600 billion."

So....there go those pretty savings and all the making your life better crap..........


Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Dem Rescue-a St. Louis Tea Party Initiative


Dana Loeschdana.loesch@stlouisteaparty.com
Bill Hennessybill.hennessy@stlouisteaparty.com

Vows to Aid Democrats Who Vote NO on Health Control

ST. LOUIS — Yesterday the St. Louis Tea Party launched Operation Dem Rescue, an initiative to give support to Democrats who are standing against President Obama and his health control government grab. The President has said that he will not campaign for, or otherwise help, Democrats who refuse to vote “yes” on the health control bill. The President may forsake those who stand against tyranny, but not those in the tea party movement.

The St. Louis Tea Party vows to help any Democrat who stands against this health control by throwing our weight behind them in their primaries. The President has employed David Plouffe, former campaign operative, to stack the deck for the elections this fall and we know that the White House will target the Democrats who stood against the President. We will work to counter that in these Democrats’ primaries.

We believe that you don’t poke someone in the eye when they are doing good and we believe in grace for all and in the story of the prodigal son. If you stand for individual liberty, limited government, and taking a principled stand, then you will find refuge within the tea party movement.

Our websites, DemRescue.org (coming soon) and http://demrescue.wordpress.com/ will chronicle these Democrats’ movements until the vote and will stand to offer them support after the vote, regardless of the outcome. They will not stand alone in opposition to this administration.


Unions-the NEW Acorn

Did you know the Unions are organizing to protest the banks beginning soon and running all through the fall? Did you know they are all bent out of shape because banks are returning to their old ways, while fleecing the American people?

“They’re getting bailed out and normal people are losing.”

Unions have lashed out at financial institutions throughout the crisis for receiving government bailout money while average Americans suffer from lost jobs and eroding bank accounts. Unions and other consumer advocates are particularly critical of banks for being slow to alter foreclosure policies and for collecting billions of dollars in overdraft fees on credit cards.

The government has supported the financial industry with trillions of dollars in taxpayer money to avert an economic depression and complete seizure of credit markets. The Obama administration is working to bolster the housing market and reduce the number of foreclosures, as well as to wind down government programs that are no longer necessary.

WARNING: A bad word to follow.........



Protests breaking out all over the country-CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?????

As a direct result of the slamming, jamming, lying, deceiving, arm-wrestling, maneuvering, prostituting.......................

Code Red Rallies in D.C.

Rallies all over locally-call to action by St. Louis Tea Party

More than 50% are against the health care reform in it's current form.

Demon Pass is a bad idea...even the Blue Dog Leader thinks so.

And finally, a President that doesn't care one single thing for rules or process.....

Is there any clue to be had from all of this?

Lies, with a chance of thievery.

There are no truths more abhorrent than those told by this Administration as of late. Deceiving the American people in such a way, simply to say you have done something historic? A pathetic attempt to be great in ones own mind.

If this piece of crap is passed it will historic alright; it will mark the beginning of the end or it will mark the beginning of something awful. If this Administration truly believes shoving this legislation through will have no consequences.......well, I will only say they clearly don't talk to the same people I talk to.

Lies of the savings from passing health care reform.......which is only a saving because you pay for it for years before there are any outlays of cash. Lies of savings with little to no mention of the new taxes and fines being imposed on the hardest working among us-"the rich"; you know, the small business owners and job creators in America. Raising tax rates and imposing new fines does not save ONE DIME on health care; they only rape and pillage the villagers, stealing the money to pay for it. The lie of "savings" floating in a sea thievery.

How about the lie of following the Constitution and proper law making procedures? How is it our own President tells Bret Baier of Fox News: "I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate."? I thought the President was the last defense against abuses on America, the Constitution, and the American people. I know, I know.....it's far too much trouble to actually know how to be the President, than it is to preen and primp for the cameras, concerned only with passing this legislation at all costs. I'm glad he is unconcerned with procedural rules.....I just hope he extends the same courtesy to those unconcerned with civility rules. As the American child is disregarded by it's parent, the child learns how to play the game in the future. We learn that following the rules when we really want something, when we really believe in something, is unnecessary.

Finally, the continual lie that we (and lawmakers) will be given 72 hours to read whatever final bill comes out of all the wrangling and arm breaking going on right now.
Cutting short the period for legislators and the public to evaluate the bill would raise hackles. But Democratic leaders are prepared to take the hits. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer signaled as much last Friday on the House floor in an exchange with GOP Whip Eric Cantor. "We will certainly give as much notice as possible, but I am not going to say that 72 hours is going to be the litmus test, per se, because that which we have voted on already in the House and the Senate have given Members months of notice and the American public months of notice on the substance of the propositions that are pending before us," Mr. Hoyer said.

To longtime Congressional observers, Mr. Hoyer was clearly saying he is not going to be bound by the 72-hour rule if he thinks following it will break the momentum to jam the bill through.

The irony there is the bill constantly changes. There is no bill that has already been voted on and agreed upon by the House and Senate. There is no bill that has been read by the American people. The bill(s) being pushed on members right now are in a constant state of flux, with more and more pay-offs and vote buying taking place every day. The concern of course if if they don't hurry up and vote on it, the American public will voice their concerns to the people who are supposed to be representing them--and that might cause them to vote no. It is amazing to me they would say that right out in the open. They don't want constituents getting to lawmakers for fear the lawmakers will listen to them? The end game has come into full focus now hasn't it?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you know the price of a coup d'état?

I am noticing a trend in the headlines these days......regulating authority after regulating authority continually making larger and bolder power grabs. I have written about the NHTS, the FCC with Net Neutrality, and even the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency-all of which are nothing more than carefully crafted, poorly masked coup d'état, all under the guise of making lives of the American people better. Gee, thanks.......

It turns out a little discussed part of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency implementation, and the changes to the FTC that are a part of that, are greatly expanded powers for the Federal Trade Commission.
The commission, which has power only over non-depository institutions, like non-bank lenders and debt collectors, has been criticized for years for weak regulation.

As part of its effort to revamp financial regulations, the Obama administration backs boosting the power of the commission.

“The current rulemaking procedures … are complex, cumbersome and time-consuming, resulting in rulemaking proceedings lasting many years,” Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the FTC, said in February. The commission said the process of writing rules has sometimes taken eight to 10 years.
As usual, we are getting no concrete facts as to why they need these expanded powers or what they will do with them once they have been so ordained. Essentially they would like more powers to be more powerful and enact their dictatorial rule faster....possibly at the speed of light. I cannot write often enough how scary these power grabs are. It is imperative folks understand what is happening to our country.

Just remember as they make our lives better and foist their will on us, they erode your freedoms further and further. Once those freedoms are gone we may never get them back and if we do the price we will pay could be exponentially high. Don't ever forget what it took to get them in the first place.

Capitulating does not mean you took a stand......

It can now be said our nation is under DICKtatorial rule, rather than acting as a functioning Democratic Republic. As our Representatives prepare to take over health care regardless of what the American people want, they are also readying to sneak in a measure to obliterate the private student loan industry. Because the rules of reconciliation require that it can only be sent through once, it would appear that everything but the kitchen sink will be crammed in there if it goes down this way.

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), a top lieutenant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), said Democratic leaders would pair a student loan bill with healthcare reform, throwing a new wrinkle into the health debate. Miller confirmed that leaders would attach a controversial student loan bill, a high priority of President Barack Obama's, to a healthcare "sidecar" bill that will pass under budget reconciliation rules.

"That's how the reconciliation [package] will come from the House, that's
our instructions," said Miller. "That's going to be done."

Miller, the chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, crafted the student loan bill as well as elements of the House healthcare bill."You can only send one budget reconciliation [package]," Miller said. The lending legislation would make the federal government the originator of student loans, essentially eliminating the private student loan industry. Under the proposed reform, private banks would still service the loans.
So there it is folks....the people you elected have just waged war on the American people. They will do their will, not ours. They have clearly forgotten they are to vote the conscience of the people they represent. If this bill is passed through reconciliation they will have health care and education by the short hairs and we as a people will have become the enslaved, indentured servants of those in Washington D.C. While they continue to take from the states what is not theirs to take and then prostitute it's people to get what they want, our Representatives are concerned only with passing this nightmare in any way possible. Sadly, if those who don't want this legislation passed don't do absolutely everything in their power to stop it, they are not representing you.

No matter what side of the fence you come down on concerning the health care debate is it not frightening what is being done to make it happen? They are bending, breaking, ignoring and perverting every tactic and "special rule" they can find. It is disgusting and scary. Even those on the left should be worried....if they will do this to pass health care, what will they force on you that you don't want?

.......you know they have been taking about population reduction for years.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Reduce payments, reduce patients....

It was inevitable; as states cut back on Medicaid reimbursement rates to doctors, doctors cut patients from their rolls. I wonder how it is this Administration believes adding more people to a system that is not only broken, but is losing money faster than a bucket hit with buckshot, will somehow be better. While Obama travels the country praising the current Medicare/Medicaid system, real people are being dropped like a hot potato when they get too expensive to treat. Doctors can no longer afford to see these patients at a loss.
It has not taken long for communities like Flint to feel the downstream effects of a nationwide torrent of state cuts to Medicaid, the government insurance program for the poor and disabled. With states squeezing payments to providers even as the economy fuels explosive growth in enrollment, patients are finding it increasingly difficult to find doctors and dentists who will accept their coverage. Inevitably, many defer care or wind up in hospital emergency rooms, which are required to take anyone in an urgent condition.
There is no reasoning adding more people will drive costs down-no matter how high you raise taxes. A key piece in the entire debate? There is little talk of how to actually lower costs; most talk centers around how to pay for health care. While both sides will never agree on every step to take it is unbelievable to me we cannot start with processes that will lower the costs of health care. We do not need to pay for insurance competition across state lines or tort reform or allowing more people to take advantage of health savings accounts. All of those things and may others are free to implement and are an excellent beginning to lowering the cost of health care. However, as Obama likes to often point out, there isn't much else in this process but partisanship and bickering-I would just disagree on who's creating the blockade.

Let's make the Health Care Bill better by REALLY screwing the public.

In an effort to make something that is awful even awfuller, rather than removing unnecessary spending and sweetheart deals the White House is now considering extending some of those deals to every state. Because they cannot garner the votes needed to pass some kind of health care bill-even through reconciliation-the Administration is now considering extending special considerations like increased Medicaid funding and kickbacks to build hospitals not only to the original benefactors, but to all states that might "qualify".
The White House is backing down from efforts to drop "sweetheart" deals poisoning health care legislation as House Budget Committee Democrats meet Monday to craft a "fix-it" bill that does not yet have a price tag.

In a new take on its policy, White House top strategist David Axelrod said President Obama only objects to state-specific arrangements, such as an increase in Medicaid funding for Nebraska, ridiculed as the "cornhusker kickback."

But instead of dropping them, the concept behind those deals could be widened so that all states benefit.

How excellent is it that in a time when we are broke, President Obama is fine with expensive, unnecessary special deals as long as all the states can get in on it. This outrageous spending and careless business sense in running the country must stop. How is it not understood that the outrage from the people does not come because one state got a special deal, but because we can afford NO DEALS. We can't afford the health care bill, even if you take special deals out. Extending those deals further doesn't make it better. It is insulting to me and every other American that we continually be forced to pay for things like this that have no place in health care legislation. It has come to the point where it is clear Obama, Pelosi and Reid have no concern at all what the American people want. They only care they pass this legislation no matter the cost to the American people or the toll it will take on our quality of life.

Friday, March 12, 2010

NHTS needs more power to do their job poorly.

As much as the government wants to stay out of things, it seems they really just aren't capable. The latest move in government regulation may come at the hands of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Due to the recent kerfuffle concerning Toyota's accelerating without warning, they have seized the opportunity to banter about more regulation and design mandates. In the interest of public safety....or maybe in the interest of propping up Government Motors.....the NHTS has decided they may pursue further regulation of how auto manufactures must build their cars.

WASHINGTON - Government vehicle safety regulators may seek greater authority to investigate defects in cars and trucks and are weighing a range of new safety requirements in response to Toyota's recall of more than 8 million vehicles over brake and acceleration problems
From the outside it seems like no more than another power grab by a regulating authority which has no need or merit. The NHTS already has safety regulating authority, why more? Why are they unable to work within the power structure currently in place? Why, once again, do we have a regulating authority with no automotive manufacturing experience trying to tell automakers what they must do in order to meet even higher standards? Have we not been paying attention over the years to what outside forces dictating to manufactures has done to production in this country?

I want safe cars and safe roads, just like I want a stable, reliable health care system and clean air--I am just less and less convinced that the government should be the final arbitrator of those things. Government already has far too much power. People need to be deciding what car to drive, what food to eat, what health care to have. It seems every time we turn around they are encroaching just that much further into our lives.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tell your kids they can do anything...unless they have special needs.

It is unbelievable to me that a special needs student who worked hard and made something out of his life has suddenly been thrust into the limelight and is being criticized for succeeding. Otis Mathis, president of the Detroit city schools, has a learning disability identified early in life, but that has not stopped him. Despite that challenge, he graduated high school AND college, then went on to be a teacher and now school board president.

As if Detroit doesn't have enough problems these days, the president of the city's school board offered the shocking admission that he can't pen a coherent sentence.

Otis Mathis, who oversees the academic future of 90,000 public school students, told the Detroit News that he's a "horrible writer" after reports surfaced that he sent a Feb. 29 e-mail to the financial manager of Detroit Public Schools that was rife with spelling, punctuation and usage errors.

Some parents are now questioning whether Mathis is fit for his role.

"It's kind of scary to even talk about," Patrick Martin, 49, a Detroit contractor whose 12-year-old son is a student at Noble Middle School, told the paper. "If this is the leader, what does it say about the followers? It explains a lot about why there's so much confusion and infighting with the board and Robert Bobb."

I thought we were to encourage our children to reach for the stars. I thought we wanted them to believe there was no goal they couldn't attain if they set their mind to it. I thought opportunity and achievement were unlimited to those striving to be the best. I thought we wanted all people to have the same chance at greatness............

Apparently, we do, as long as they never have a special need in their life. We do, as long as they never have some accommodation to help them comprehend. We do, as long as they are "normal" or "average". Then? The sky is the limit........Anything less is to be shunned or discarded.

As the parent of a special needs student I can tell you she works just as hard, if not harder, than my "normal" child. Her IQ is high, her will strong and her tenacity unmatched. Don't ever tell that kid there is a goal she cannot achieve should she so desire. I cannot ever imagine criticizing her for succeeding. I want her to be all that she can. I want her to struggle and fall-then power through to her right end. I would never let anyone tell her there was something she could not do.

Given the state of the Detroit public school system, I have little doubt I would disagree with Mr. Mathis' policies. I doubt I would make the same choices he might be making for the students and the district, but there is no doubt I would never blame those failings or differences on his learning disability. He has gone through the process, he climbed the ladder to get where he is, he was voted in by his peers 10-1 for the position of School Board President. He followed the path that was right for him and he earned his position.
"Instead of telling them that they can't write and won't be anything, I show that cannot stop you," Mathis told the paper. "If Detroit Public Schools can allow kids to dream, with whatever weakness they have, that's something....It's not about what you don't have. It's what you can do."

What message are we sending to kids when we criticize this man for having utilized the services and tools that were offered to him while going through the school system? What message are we sending to students when on the one hand we preach all day about equality and merit based rewards and on the other infer Mr. Mathis has overstepped his bounds by achieving?

The message we are sending is you are great and good........unless you're not.............Know your place in this world and to be sure, others are the ones to decide for you what that place is.


Friday, March 5, 2010

State Sovereignty in MO-A new resolution.....

Last night, one of my all time favorite state Representatives, Brian Nieves, District 98 in Missouri, had his resolution-HJR88-passed out of committee! This is the first step in not only reaffirming our state sovereignty, but our right to run this state as the voters who live here see fit. As was the original intent of the cederal Constitution, Representative Nieves lays out the basic foundation and rights of Missourians to govern our state. It reminds the federal government to not overstep their bounds and to mind their manners in all lawmaking taking place in D.C. Just because those folks don't live here any more means nothing! We still live here and we want the 10th Amendment honored as written. A few key points in this resolution:

The state of Missouri shall:
Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by hereby prohibiting the Missouri legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government from recognizing, enforcing, or acting in furtherance of any federal law, executive order, judicial ruling, administrative ruling, collection of revenue, dispersal of revenue, or other action by the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of the federal government that exceeds the limited powers enumerated and delegated to the federal government;
- Not recognize, enforce, or act in furtherance of the following:-Federal actions restricting the right of private citizens to bear arms;-Federal actions legalizing or funding abortions, or the destruction of anyembryo containing human DNA from the zygote stage onward through all stages of development;
-Any federal action requiring the sale or trade of carbon credits or imposing atax, fee, fine, or penalty on the release of carbon emissions;
-Federal actions involving a public option for health care, mandating end of lifecounseling, rationing health care, dictating or limiting the type of treatment a doctor may provide to his or her patient, authorizing or mandating the collection of a patient's medical record into a database, covering illegal aliens under health insurance or prohibiting enforcement of laws regarding coverage for illegal aliens, mandating the benefits health insurance must cover, requiring insurance providers to cover abortion services, restricting the ability of patients to purchase health insurance in another state, or assessing fees, fines, or penalties on employers who do not provide health insurance to their employees;

There is also language in there about "hate crimes" and homeschooling......the list just goes on and on. It is clear Rep. Nieves is standing up for what is right in this country and he is willing to go to the mat to have it written into our State Constitution. The federal government has forgotten their place. They are out of control with spending and regulation. Federal law was never intended to usurp power and control from the states. Over the years the relationship has been twisted and corrupted. State lawmakers like Brian Nieves are going to bring that power back home and no longer allow the federal government to prostitute out the citizens of this state for their own gain and will.

Thank you Representative Nieves! I am glad you are looking out for us.

Please go HERE (PDF) to read the entire text of the bill. It is imperative we show our state legislatures we support them in efforts such as this.

Guest Post-The Screw You Politics Of The 2000-2001 Balanced Budgets

By: Brian Bollmann

In the 2008 election, both the Democrat and Republican candidates were touting the balanced budgets of the late 1990’s Clinton Presidency and Republican Congress. Over and over we heard how bad the Bush Presidency and Republican Congressed handled their fiscal responsibility and how all this would change with either Democrat or Republican option for President. Republicans and Democrats in 2000 – 2001: Good. Republicans and Democrats in 2002 – 2008: Bad. Everyone seemed to agree.

They say any time the Democrats and Republicans are in agreement – you know one thing – Americans are getting screwed.

I’ve seen this 1st graph many times showing that in 2000 and 2001 there was a budget surplus, and with the 9/11 attacks, the Bush wars, and the Bush economic policy, we went to hell in a hand basket and had to elect a Democrat Congress and the chosen one. Now we see that Obama has double-doubled-down on the debt and we will race to a debt greater than 100% of our GDP.

But there’s that nagging budget surplus in 2000 and 2001. There are the Republicans and Democrats in agreement. And, it still bugs me, tests credulity, and bothers me down to the cockles of my heart.

Out here in the real world, you know that your budget must stay within the amount of money you make. Let’s say you make $48,000, owe $75,000 on a house, and owe $15,000 on a car. At the beginning of the year, you owe, $80,000. Throughout the year you receive income of $4000 per month, you pay for food, utilities, clothing, entertainment, taxes and all the things you need throughout the year. You make payments on your house and your car. At the end of the year, let’s say you now owe $82,000. Did you budget properly? Did you spend more than you should have? Did you have a balanced budget? The answer is clearly no.

However, our elected officials and bureaucrats have been telling us for 10 years that the 2000 and 2001 budgets were balanced.

The next graph was created from data readily available on the White House web site at:


A table “Table 7.1—Federal Debt at the End of Year: 1940–2015” lists the year-by-year Gross National Debt from 1940 – 2009 with estimates through 2015. A simple calculation determining whether debt went up or down for a given year shows that GROSS NATIONAL DEBT HAS RISEN EVERY YEAR SINCE 1968.

In 2008 and 2009, we added an incredible $1.9 Trillion to the national debt each year. But look back to 1999 - 2001; as you can see we also added to our Gross National Debt. In 1999, only a miniscule (by Federal Government standards) $23 Billion was added to the debt, but the bottom line, there WAS an increase in the Gross National Debt. The last year that the Gross National Debt went down was 1968.

In the real world where you and I live, this means the budget WAS NOT balanced. This means that the elected officials and bureaucrats are playing games with the numbers. This means that your Federal Representatives and Presidents are continuing to perpetuate this lie!

Surprised? I doubt it; I wasn’t.

So, now you know the facts. Now you are armed with information. The next time one of your elected liars tries to tell you that our wonderful Federal Government balanced the budget in 1999-2001, tell them they are perpetuating a lie and that you won’t stand for it.

And, to me, if the Tea Party wants to get active, the place to start is with a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

Nancy Pelosi- this week Nancy Pelosi gave herself an A for effort. Quote-"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave herself an “A” for effort, grading her performance in office. In a “This Week” interview, Speaker Pelosi told ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, “I think I get an A for effort." She then went on to blame Senate Republicans for not passing anything. Well, we certainly can't give Nancy an A in math can we since up until recently the House and Senate had the majority of votes and could have passed any legislation they saw fit. 10 punches for once again stretching the truth, as she has stretched her face.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)- Last week Rep. Anthony Weiner from NY said "Make no mistake about it, every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry." Which is so weird considering Democrats are having campaign fund-raisers put on by the insurance industry and are beholden to every trial lawyer and union boss on the planet. I don't think Democrats or Republicans want to talk about who is better at fellating special interests.....it won't turn out good for either side. 7 punches for complete and total stupidity

Joe Biden- Earlier this month good ole Joe proclaimed that Iraq "could be one of the great achievements of this administration." Which is so totally weird when A) this Administration does nothing but constantly blame the previous administration for everything and B) nearly every single person of any importance in this Administration was against not only the Iraq war, but also the surge that was the turning point of the war. While I feel kind of bad giving out any punches for this----because I really like it when drunk Uncle Joe talks, I still feel he should get 6 punches for never really knowing what's going on.

Ed Martin LIVE "We the People Healthcare Summit" 7pmCST

Ed Martin is holding a "We the People Healthcare Summit" tonight from 7-9pmCST. Hoping to be the Republican challenger to Russ Carnahan this fall, Ed has invited Russ to attend, but at this time Russ has given no answer......Watch LIVE HERE:

Free TV Show from Ustream

PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES-part of this townhall broadcast got cut off due to technical issues. There is about 10 minutes, then the second part picks up about 10 minutes later.

More jobs lost in February?......all the fault of Global Warming falling from the sky.......

There is a very bad jobs report coming out on Friday that will tell us unemployment rose during February and it was the fault of the Global Warming blizzards that hit the east cost.
Economic officials on Monday were already spinning expectations for the report, saying it would be important to look past February’s figures to the “underlying trends,” according to White House economic adviser Larry Summers.
“The blizzards that affected much of the country during the last month are likely to distort the statistics,” Summers told CNBC.
This is just the latest in a string of excuses as to why we continually lose jobs these days. I wonder when they are going to figure out it is the declining economy and bad policy of this Administration that causes those numbers to go up every month......

BREAKING-Charlie Rangle Steps Down...of Geese & Ganders

After all this time Charlie Rangel has finally seen the errors of his ways.....or just doesn't want to be investigated by committee and has decided to leave his post as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. You know that committee, the one that is in charge of making most of the tax laws in this country. You know tax laws, right? The thing Charlie has been accused of over, over and over again of breaking.......
WASHINGTON - After being admonished by an ethics panel for accepting corporate-sponsored trips to the Caribbean, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., said Wednesday that he will take a leave of absence from his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means committee.
Rangel made the announcement to reporters on Capitol Hill, saying he would not answer any questions.
But as is par for the course in this Administration, Rangel admits no guilt and defends his actions by saying he had "no knowledge" that what he was doing was illegal. Never mind the fact that aids attempted to show Rabngel several times, evidence that trips to Antigua and St. Maarten were corporate sponsored and therefore illegal. Moreover, these trips barely scratch the surface of all the corrupt and illegal maneuvers this guy has made. From failing to disclose more than a half a million dollars in assets to using a rent controlled apartment in New York for his campaign headquarters, to cheating on his own taxes-it is clear Mr. Rangel feels he too is above the law and should bear no responsibility for his actions.

......if only we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE got the same and equal treatment under the law......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll take our eleventy billion ideas and four of yours......

President Obama indicated today he would be open to four whole ideas, offered by Republicans at the heath care summit last week. In a letter to congressional leaders Obama began what could essentially be construed as closing arguments in the long, drawn out health care debate.
President Obama signaled Tuesday that he will embrace four Republican ideas on health care, including a greater investment in medical malpractice tort reform, as he begins what an aide agreed was the "final act" in the administration's effort to overhaul the health-care system.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Obama said he is also "open" to increasing Medicaid reimbursements for physicians, stepping up efforts to combat fraud in the health-care system and ensuring that people who buy insurance on so-called insurance exchanges could participate in health savings accounts.

Is it nit-picky of me to notice he seems to be applying a band-aid to a dismemberment injury and that there are some outright factual problems?

First off, what in the world does "a greater investment in medical malpractice tort reform" even mean? Does that mean we will have tort reform? I know we have all be told a zillion times that tort reform is meaningless; it will save pennies compared to the overall cost of health care. What is a greater investment? They will take even more money from trial lawyers to ignore the problems that out of control medical malpractice suits bring? Who is making the investment.....the taxpayer, like when we invested in GM or the lobbyists, like when they invest in getting their way? I'm afraid if any Republican lawmakers talk about this as a good thing my head will explode. This is clearly politician speak for "we won't actually do anything."

President Obama also talks about increasing Medicaid reimbursements to doctors. That's a GREAT idea....or not. First off, we all know the Medicaid system is already going broke AS IS. Increasing payments won't make Medicaid cost less. Also, I thought they were getting a whole bunch of money to pay for the new, improved health care system by decreasing reimbursements to doctors. Did President Obama forget he said that? I didn't. This administration keeps spending money we don't have. I'm all for increasing reimbursements to doctors, if the system can support it. Under the current system and any thus far proposed, it can't.

This is clearly a ploy to either get a few Republican votes or to appear to give Democrats the cover they need to vote for this behemoth. Neither is acceptable and neither should happen. The entire plan needs to be scrapped and a new small steps need to be taken. The government should not be involved in health care in any way, shape or form. It is ridiculous for President Obama to try to paint these four-and mostly pathetic-ideas as "bi-partisanship". Its a pat on the head to Republicans at best and should not be enough to sell them on this crap.

Monday, March 1, 2010

White House wants a Bend over and Grab 'em vote.

It is expected this week that Obama will announce his preferred process to get a vote on Health Care going in the House and Senate. However many Dems are calling to pass a merged bill with reconciliation-which would only require a simple majority for the bill to pass.

The White House and congressional Democrats are calling for what they are framing as an "up-or-down vote" on a health care overhaul bill, signaling that they are preparing to pass it through the controversial reconciliation process.

President Obama is expected to announce how he wants to proceed on the bill this week, but Democrats on Capitol Hill are already trying to rally around using reconciliation, which would eliminate the chance for a Republican filibuster.

Republicans have already accused Democrats of using the procedural tool to pass a major social-policy change, which they say was never how it was intended.

Not only has no other major, country changing legislation ever been passed this way. Those calling for this procedural move are clearly prepared to ignore what more than half the country wants. The latest polling shows 52% of folks strongly oppose the health care plan in it's current form.

Trying to pass legislation that will change the face of our country this way-burdening not only you, but your children and generations as far as the eye can see is unconscionable. Reconciliation has been used in the past for other types of legislation, but never something of this magnitude. It was never meant to be used in this manner; the original intent of reconciliation was to speed up budget resolution goals-it was never designed to pass major legislation. There are budget restrictions that go along with passing legislation through the reconciliation process, but it remains to be seen if they will abide by those guidelines if they use it to pass health care. Because they would take this route to pass a bill like this, it seems there would be little concern for budgetary rules contained within the process either.

Just another fine example of your government givin' it to you, just the way they like it......