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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BREAKING-Charlie Rangle Steps Down...of Geese & Ganders

After all this time Charlie Rangel has finally seen the errors of his ways.....or just doesn't want to be investigated by committee and has decided to leave his post as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. You know that committee, the one that is in charge of making most of the tax laws in this country. You know tax laws, right? The thing Charlie has been accused of over, over and over again of breaking.......
WASHINGTON - After being admonished by an ethics panel for accepting corporate-sponsored trips to the Caribbean, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., said Wednesday that he will take a leave of absence from his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means committee.
Rangel made the announcement to reporters on Capitol Hill, saying he would not answer any questions.
But as is par for the course in this Administration, Rangel admits no guilt and defends his actions by saying he had "no knowledge" that what he was doing was illegal. Never mind the fact that aids attempted to show Rabngel several times, evidence that trips to Antigua and St. Maarten were corporate sponsored and therefore illegal. Moreover, these trips barely scratch the surface of all the corrupt and illegal maneuvers this guy has made. From failing to disclose more than a half a million dollars in assets to using a rent controlled apartment in New York for his campaign headquarters, to cheating on his own taxes-it is clear Mr. Rangel feels he too is above the law and should bear no responsibility for his actions.

......if only we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE got the same and equal treatment under the law......

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