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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ed Martin LIVE "We the People Healthcare Summit" 7pmCST

Ed Martin is holding a "We the People Healthcare Summit" tonight from 7-9pmCST. Hoping to be the Republican challenger to Russ Carnahan this fall, Ed has invited Russ to attend, but at this time Russ has given no answer......Watch LIVE HERE:

Free TV Show from Ustream

PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGIES-part of this townhall broadcast got cut off due to technical issues. There is about 10 minutes, then the second part picks up about 10 minutes later.


  1. Aw man, the front half of my diatribe got cut off! Oh noes! LOL

  2. FWIW, the proposal(s) I've tried to make to our elected officials are:

    If you really want to reform health care and health insurance, you need to do 5 large things first:
    • Standardize insurance regulations from state to state so every insurer can offer the same coverage in every state.
    • Divorce health insurance from employment so that we all find and purchase our health insurance individually, which will give us all a level playing field from which to purchase.
    • Reform Medicare and Medicaid. How can you hope to reform health insurance when you can't even run those systems in an efficient, cost-effective manner free of fraud?
    • Make some common sense tort reform, such as making the plaintiff's LAWYER(s) responsible for the entire cost of the trial if the case is found to be w/o merit. This would force all those lawyers working on commission to actually research and verify that the cases they're bringing have merit, rather than just overloading the system and hoping for a win. They're playing a numbers game right now - the more cases they bring, the more they win. Make them turn the game into the more MERITABLE cases they bring, the less money they lose.
    • Set progressive caps on health coverage. Rather than just requiring everyone to purchase insurance and requiring all insurers to therefore cover everyone with no caps, do this: Leave consumers the freedom to choose whether they purchase insurance or not. If they purchase, great. If they choose not to purchase for a significant period of time however, require that they be able to get coverage no matter what, but set a cap on the amount of coverage they can get due to the fact that they haven’t responsibly maintained coverage. The cap would progressively go higher every year, until at some point in the future; say 5-10 years, the cap goes away completely. This would allow a person to choose whether they want to pay for insurance during lean times; would still cover people regardless of pre-existing conditions and would protect the health insurance companies from being gouged by someone who chooses not to purchase insurance until they need it for an expensive, possibly pre-existing condition.