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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a P A R-T A Y -a Rolling Tea Party....Don't miss it!

The infamous "Rolling Tea Party Guy" Brian Bollmann has been asked by all of St. Louis to put on another rolling Tea Party and he has graciously agreed!

THIS SATURDAY April 3 there will be another Rolling Tea Party. This time Brian has selected the St. Charles area to display our patriotism and spirit.

The people have spoken and they want another Rolling Tea Party!
On Saturday 04/03/10, “St. Louis Tea Party”, “I Heard The People Say”, and “Show-Me Patriots” invite St. Louis Metro Area Conservatives, Republicans, and other Fiscally Responsible citizens to join in a Rolling Tea Party through portions of
St. Charles County.

You are invited to decorate your vehicle with appropriate (and responsible) items to protest the out of control spending and legislation being proposed and enacted in Washington, DC.
So come on out-I will be there covering the event and supporting Brian-I would love to see you. Stop by and say "Hi!" There will be prizes for "Best Dressed Vehicle" and some great speakers.

For all the details AND a map of the route visit http://stlouisrollingteaparty.com


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