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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lies, with a chance of thievery.

There are no truths more abhorrent than those told by this Administration as of late. Deceiving the American people in such a way, simply to say you have done something historic? A pathetic attempt to be great in ones own mind.

If this piece of crap is passed it will historic alright; it will mark the beginning of the end or it will mark the beginning of something awful. If this Administration truly believes shoving this legislation through will have no consequences.......well, I will only say they clearly don't talk to the same people I talk to.

Lies of the savings from passing health care reform.......which is only a saving because you pay for it for years before there are any outlays of cash. Lies of savings with little to no mention of the new taxes and fines being imposed on the hardest working among us-"the rich"; you know, the small business owners and job creators in America. Raising tax rates and imposing new fines does not save ONE DIME on health care; they only rape and pillage the villagers, stealing the money to pay for it. The lie of "savings" floating in a sea thievery.

How about the lie of following the Constitution and proper law making procedures? How is it our own President tells Bret Baier of Fox News: "I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate."? I thought the President was the last defense against abuses on America, the Constitution, and the American people. I know, I know.....it's far too much trouble to actually know how to be the President, than it is to preen and primp for the cameras, concerned only with passing this legislation at all costs. I'm glad he is unconcerned with procedural rules.....I just hope he extends the same courtesy to those unconcerned with civility rules. As the American child is disregarded by it's parent, the child learns how to play the game in the future. We learn that following the rules when we really want something, when we really believe in something, is unnecessary.

Finally, the continual lie that we (and lawmakers) will be given 72 hours to read whatever final bill comes out of all the wrangling and arm breaking going on right now.
Cutting short the period for legislators and the public to evaluate the bill would raise hackles. But Democratic leaders are prepared to take the hits. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer signaled as much last Friday on the House floor in an exchange with GOP Whip Eric Cantor. "We will certainly give as much notice as possible, but I am not going to say that 72 hours is going to be the litmus test, per se, because that which we have voted on already in the House and the Senate have given Members months of notice and the American public months of notice on the substance of the propositions that are pending before us," Mr. Hoyer said.

To longtime Congressional observers, Mr. Hoyer was clearly saying he is not going to be bound by the 72-hour rule if he thinks following it will break the momentum to jam the bill through.

The irony there is the bill constantly changes. There is no bill that has already been voted on and agreed upon by the House and Senate. There is no bill that has been read by the American people. The bill(s) being pushed on members right now are in a constant state of flux, with more and more pay-offs and vote buying taking place every day. The concern of course if if they don't hurry up and vote on it, the American public will voice their concerns to the people who are supposed to be representing them--and that might cause them to vote no. It is amazing to me they would say that right out in the open. They don't want constituents getting to lawmakers for fear the lawmakers will listen to them? The end game has come into full focus now hasn't it?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed......

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