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Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Dem Rescue-a St. Louis Tea Party Initiative


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Vows to Aid Democrats Who Vote NO on Health Control

ST. LOUIS — Yesterday the St. Louis Tea Party launched Operation Dem Rescue, an initiative to give support to Democrats who are standing against President Obama and his health control government grab. The President has said that he will not campaign for, or otherwise help, Democrats who refuse to vote “yes” on the health control bill. The President may forsake those who stand against tyranny, but not those in the tea party movement.

The St. Louis Tea Party vows to help any Democrat who stands against this health control by throwing our weight behind them in their primaries. The President has employed David Plouffe, former campaign operative, to stack the deck for the elections this fall and we know that the White House will target the Democrats who stood against the President. We will work to counter that in these Democrats’ primaries.

We believe that you don’t poke someone in the eye when they are doing good and we believe in grace for all and in the story of the prodigal son. If you stand for individual liberty, limited government, and taking a principled stand, then you will find refuge within the tea party movement.

Our websites, DemRescue.org (coming soon) and http://demrescue.wordpress.com/ will chronicle these Democrats’ movements until the vote and will stand to offer them support after the vote, regardless of the outcome. They will not stand alone in opposition to this administration.



  1. I will financially support the opponent of anyone who votes for Obamacare in any form, nationwide. I sent Money to Scott Brown because I don't want Government interference in my healthcare. WE need to set up a fund to pour salt on the slugs who are trying to enslave us in November.

  2. Don’t fall for the “health vote shuffle.” Some Dems will vote against health care deform, but they were enablers yesterday when they voted for the Slaughter Solution. MO’s Ike Skelton is one. Others are doing the opposite: they voted against Slaughter yesterday but will back health care deform on Sunday. The tradeoff was prearranged and part of a plan that provided enough votes for both measures. The drama of the vote count is just a ploy to get vulnerable Dems valuable face time and attention on national news networks.

    Don’t include the enablers among those you stand by, just because they vote no on Sunday. A yes vote yesterday was just as bad.

    Also, only stand by the blue dogs during their primaries, NOT in the general election. In January, EVERY blue dog will vote to keep Pelosi as speaker. We have to beat them in November to keep them from casting that vote.

  3. Even though I don't support the general social platform of the Dems, I think this is a great idea!

  4. I don't believe these Dems voted against the bill because they opposed the bill I believe they voted against the bill with the permission of Obama and Pelosi so they could have a better chance of winning in November. They never spoke out against the bill before they realized it was actually comming to a vote. In my mind these dems are just trying to play both ends against the middle and in their heart of hearts they are really progressives who just want to maintain their power.