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Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is no fixing crybaby either.......

I would never condone violence or threatening behavior from or against anyone. That being said, much of the ridiculous information that has come out this week is a clear attempt to once again paint Tea Party and Conservatives as violent, racist, and out of control. It is pathetic to say the least.......there is no proof any of the violence OR "very mean talking" up to now has been perpetrated by a conservative or a Tea Partier. NONE.

Funny though.....I wonder how much concern the left shows for the daily threats received by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and (just this week) Ann Coulter? Hmmm, let's ponder that for a moment.......oh right NONE.

Lest we forget this exact same narrative was played out last year when a window was broken at the DNC Headquarters in Denver, CO.

From the Daily KOS.
From ThinkProgress.
Even the Denver Post.

How ironic then, when it was shown to be a Democratic operative, once employed by the DNC, trying to make it LOOK as though someone from the GOP was responsible. Sad really. The left can't get us all worked up, so they have to make stuff up and blame it on us.

Even the Ft. Hood tragedy was pinned on the right before all the facts came out. Then to compound matters, once he was found to be a domestic terrorist, the press totally dropped the story. Alas, when they couldn't blame it on the right, they didn't want to talk about it any more.

Just this past weekend in St. Louis some members of various groups got together and held a candlelight prayer vigil and mock funeral (complete with casket) which started at Russ Carnahan's office and then moved to his house. On Monday following Russ filed a completely false and downright slanderous report with Jake Sherman of Politico. Russ claims the ceremony was threatening and the group placed the coffin on his lawn. Well, go watch the video and catch the news coverage-then I will leave you to make your own decision......

Time and time again, the more effective conservative groups, like Tea Party and 9-13'ers are, the more this type of thing is thrown our direction. We must continue to stand strong and not buckle under the pressure. It is imperative we act appropriately (as we already do) and we address quickly those who forget at times (as people who are passionate might) the best ways to continue this fight. Buck the rumors that are false, but never allow the message to get lost in the wilderness. Remember why you are here, then remember "all the rest is just noise"........

We need passion. We need boldness. We need to inspire and educate.

We don't need to lose our right-ness because we lost our cool.

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  1. Never let us forget also:

    Noose hangings and other "hate" incidents perpetrated by the minority lefties themselves.

    Census worker who KILLED HIMSELF, and staged it to look like a murder by right wingers.

    Gee, why would we suspect dem operatives might be responsible for staging threats?