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Monday, March 1, 2010

White House wants a Bend over and Grab 'em vote.

It is expected this week that Obama will announce his preferred process to get a vote on Health Care going in the House and Senate. However many Dems are calling to pass a merged bill with reconciliation-which would only require a simple majority for the bill to pass.

The White House and congressional Democrats are calling for what they are framing as an "up-or-down vote" on a health care overhaul bill, signaling that they are preparing to pass it through the controversial reconciliation process.

President Obama is expected to announce how he wants to proceed on the bill this week, but Democrats on Capitol Hill are already trying to rally around using reconciliation, which would eliminate the chance for a Republican filibuster.

Republicans have already accused Democrats of using the procedural tool to pass a major social-policy change, which they say was never how it was intended.

Not only has no other major, country changing legislation ever been passed this way. Those calling for this procedural move are clearly prepared to ignore what more than half the country wants. The latest polling shows 52% of folks strongly oppose the health care plan in it's current form.

Trying to pass legislation that will change the face of our country this way-burdening not only you, but your children and generations as far as the eye can see is unconscionable. Reconciliation has been used in the past for other types of legislation, but never something of this magnitude. It was never meant to be used in this manner; the original intent of reconciliation was to speed up budget resolution goals-it was never designed to pass major legislation. There are budget restrictions that go along with passing legislation through the reconciliation process, but it remains to be seen if they will abide by those guidelines if they use it to pass health care. Because they would take this route to pass a bill like this, it seems there would be little concern for budgetary rules contained within the process either.

Just another fine example of your government givin' it to you, just the way they like it......

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