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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

ABC-Once again proving they are nothing but a butt-kissing mouth-piece for the left. While on the one hand calling your grandma, your wife and probably your baby a racist, homophobic, spitting protester for showing up and peacefully gathering and chanting at protests around any given capitol during any given protest, they say the Latino protesters in Arizona who had riot police called on them and threw water bottles at those officers "were mostly peaceful". No doubt had one Tea Party Protester even left a scrap of paper behind they would have claimed we were starting World War 3. For being nothing more than a puppet of the Obama Administration with no thought or will of your own 20 punches

Goldman Sachs/John Paulson-It would seem there is a very good chance the housing market did not burst on it's own. In a lawsuit filed last week it is charged John Paulson and Goldman Sachs intentionally created Hedge Funds which they knew were terrible risks, sold off to smaller firms, then bet against and made billions off of. I'm all for making money and for the most part I don't even begrudge Wall Street their huge profits and ridiculous bonuses, however when you make money off lies and trickery, then as a result hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes, savings, investments, and jobs because of it I get kinda pissy about it. For knowing no end to your greed and sacrificing the American economy to benefit your own end 1 billion punches

Gen. James Jones: So this guy makes a really out of line joke which favors the Taliban and berates Jewish people. He gets a big laugh. Ya know, the charges of racism and hate speech sure are hard to hear in the clip I have......I looked around a little, but I'm wondering if they are on the same tape where the members of the Black Cacus say those Tea Partiers were yelling the "N" word over 15 times. For using racism when it's convienent and being racist when it's funny 25 punches

Riot Police called on Tea Party protesters in Quincy, IL

Today several groups made the trek to Quincy IL to show en force to President Obama that we are not going away. The President was in town giving a speech at the community center to a group of folks-mostly pushing his new economic policy or as I might call it, the latest tragedy visited on the American people.

I will have photos to upload soon, but I wanted to share with you the video of the Riot Police, called in apparently to intimidate the crowd gathered to greet the President when he arrived.

I mean really, who wouldn't want to be protected from her:

In addition, the Secret Service told the Riot Police to "push the crowd back as far as you can, out of sight.".....So, this is what your dear leader thinks of YOU America. He doesn't want to even see your face or know of your existence if you don't agree with his policy.

I guess it's a good thing we didn't have water bottles.......we might have offer those police a drink. Unlike the recent illegal immigration protesters who threw them at police.

More to follow.

Friday, April 23, 2010

President Obama, pandering to CRIMINALS in AZ.

President Obama is annoyed that some folks have audacity to enforce the law. In fact, what really annoys him is that Arizona recently approved legislation enforcing existing laws.

In Arizona the State Legislature recently approved a bill allowing State Police to check the documents of suspected illegal aliens. I'm sure in some technical way this is a change to the existing law, but essentially it just gives the power back to the state (as it should be anyway) and allows them to curb illegal immigration in an area where it has gotten out of control. If you want proof of need, one must only look at the numerous officers killed by illegal immigrants or, most recently, the beloved rancher killed on his own property. While calls for increasing the National Guard to help stave this wave of violence and crime go answered, it seems as though this Administration also doesn't want the actual laws enforced either.

Obama on Friday called for Congress to continue to work toward immigration reform, saying the failure to act on a federal level has led to "misguided" efforts to curb illegal immigration like the one in Arizona.
"If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts around the country," Obama said.
Speaking at a naturalization ceremony for servicemen and women in the White House Rose Garden, Obama said he has instructed his administration to "closely monitor the situation" in Arizona and to "examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation."
"The recent efforts in Arizona which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans as well as the trust in police and their communities that are so crucial to keeping us safe," Obama said.
Frankly, this pandering to those who enter this country illegally is offensive and disgusting me. While I fully support any one's right to enter this country LEGALLY, I have had it with ridiculous protections of those who cannot follow the law. It is not a violation of one's civil rights to expect them to comply with the laws of this nation; it IS however a violation of MY civil rights for my country to willing allow dangerous criminals unfettered access to this country without doing it's fiduciary duty in protecting me.

There is no other sovereign nation in the world that casually allows people to cross it's boarders. There is no other country that considers criminals on equal par with citizens when it comes to the right to be on the soil. There is no other sovereign nation where a citizen has less rights and worse treatment under the laws of the land than a criminal. And there are very few countries that accommodate immigrants in language and culture over those native to the area. It's sickening to call this a violation of "rights" of those who, because of the fact that they are here illegally, have no rights.

President Obama and his crew better set their priorities right. Our country is made up of individuals from all over the globe who came here in pursuit of a better life.....it is a better life because they come to be Americans, not African-Americans or Latin-Americans or German-Americans but AMERICANS. No one travels to this country and says "I hope America is just like the place I just left......"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White House using new math, again

On Wednesday the Obama Administration launched a media campaign touting the payback of bailout money given to GM more than a year ago. $5.8 billion was repaid nearly 5 years ahead of schedule. They are claiming this is proof the bailouts were successful and worth the risk.
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that while the administration doesn't believe that GM and Chrysler have escaped danger of another collapse, the news represents a validation of the president's decision to get involved with the automakers. "I'm making the case that, looking back, almost a year later from the president making a very difficult and unpopular decision to loan money to GM and Chrysler, in order to go through a structured bankruptcy, and save 1 million to 3 million jobs," Gibbs said, "I think we could all agree that the depth of our economic downturn would hardly have been helped with those million or so people additionally out of work."
Unfortunately, a few pesky facts are being left out of this fantastic and astounding revelation......First off, while it is super great and awesome that this $5.8 billion has been repaid early, there is the other $43 billion that was converted into free money and used to buy 61% of GM. There is an excellent chance most of that money will never be repaid-it will go right into the unions. Second, the million jobs saved?.....I wonder what the 65,000 folks just laid off would think about the jobs "saved". They are probably wishing they had been part of the that 1 million. Third, I'm curious, do you supposed the 65,000 workers laid off applied for unemployment benefits-which were then extended last week to infinity. How much will that cost the American Taxpayer?

If this is an example of success, I really don't want to see failure.

Face Punch Wednesday

IdLikeYaToBashMySkull (Eyjafjallajökull) Volcano-Not because it's erupting, but because I have heard about nothing else for the last week.....I think we killed an important al qaeda guy and I think Iran may be getting ready to shoot a nuke at us, but the only thing I hear about every single time I turn on the news is some person who can't get home and wants to cry like a little baby about it. Take a boat and shut your mouth. Thats what they did before planes. 5 punches for general news annoyance.

Judge Ronald Styn-An illegal-alien who attacked a photographer at a day labor site in 2006, was awarded $2,500 in damages for "defamation per se" this activist Judge Ronald Styn. The Mexican national, Alberto Jimenez, who was illegally in the country at the time of the attack AND ATTACKED A GUY sued San Diego Minutemen founder Jeff Schwilk for defamation for calling the illegal immigrant attackers "criminals" when he forwarded an email with Monti's pictures of Jimenez and six other suspects who were at the scene of the crime. No matter how you slice it this judge is a total tool-never mind he completely trampled Schwilk's First Amendment rights to speak out about the attack-the Mexican is clearly a criminal-HE WAS HERE ILLEGALLY AND ATTACKED ANOTHER PERSON THEN FLED THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. If that is not the definition of a criminal WHAT IS? Eleventy million punches, because I am tired of activist judges tossing the Constitution like toilet paper after they wipe thier butt.

The FDA-In what can only be described as the last "f'ing" straw, the Food and Drug Administration is now going to tell manufacturers how much salt they can put in their products. The FDA feels it is perfectly acceptable to do this because too much salt MAY lead to hypertension and heart disease.....and chocolate leads to being fat and Taco Bell leads to being lazy and Jack Daniels leads to being drunk. WTF indeed....this is just the first steps folks-now that they regulate your health care, they regulate your diet. Free choice just died on the salt lick. 1 million punches for the death of liberty.

Tea Party in Utah takes back the GOP

In a fantastic bit of news, it seems the Utah Tea Party has taken serious action and turned the State GOP of Utah on its ear. As many influential members of the Tea Party groups have been suggesting, in Utah they have managed to get several members entrenched in Utah's GOP delegate system.

In a surprising development that sets the stage for a dramatic political showdown, tea party and grass-roots conservatives tell Newsmax they have seized control of Utah's GOP delegate system, and are now in a position to select which candidates will represent the party in the midterm elections. "Our feeling is that the majority of the Republican Party delegates are now tea party people," Brian Halladay, one of the founders of the grass-roots Utah Rising organization, tells Newsmax. Utah GOP leaders say they can't be sure, but concede the activists' assessment may be accurate.
This is fantastic news! Keep up the good work guys. We leave it to you to make sure that only those candidates who support the Constitution and Constitutional Government get into office in your State.

One state down, 56 to go ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

TODAY-Help Tim Burns win Murtha's Seat in Pennsylvania

Tim Burns is out to bring back conservative values, smaller government, lower taxes, an end to wasteful spending and restoring an ethical standard in public service to Pennsylvania. Let's help him by contributing to his campaign today-let's get this MONEY BOMB going!
Tim Burns’ commitment to conservative values, smaller government, lower taxes,an end to wasteful spending and restoring an ethical standard in public service, makes him the best choice to be the Republican nominee for Congress in the 12th Congressional District. Tim’s life experience growing up and attending school in
the 12th Congressional District as well as being a father, entrepreneur, successful businessman and community leader, make him uniquely qualified to serve as our next Congressman.
Joe Biden and his anti-coal, government run health care rhetoric are campaigning for Mark Critz-FIGHT BACK!

FIGHT NOW to win back one more seat in America and send a strong message to Obama and his lackey's that we aren't going to take it any more.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party 2010-LIVE from Clayton, MO

LIVE from Clayton, MO We will begin our broadcast about 6:15pm CST

Live Video streaming by Ustream

GM's Pension a boondogle ready to burst all over the American people?

In what is just one more example of this Administrations inability to see beyond the end of their nose, you know, even into next week, it was recently disclosed that both Chrysler and GM face unfunded pensions plans for retired and current employees. With more than half of a $27 million shortfall being owed to U.S. beneficiaries, the GAO says the federal Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. will face an unprecedented crisis as these benefits mature.
When the two automakers emerged from bankruptcy reorganization the pension problems were seen as a more distant issue, and presumably one that would be eased by economic growth. But the auto industry is facing a slow recovery, and neither the new GM nor the new Chrysler has produced a profit.
Really, I'm just wondering who this news is shocking? The whole time they talked of bailing out the automakers I said the money would never be paid back, because there was no predicting when they were going to be profitable again. Now we find that, SURPRISE they also don't have enough money to fund benefits that bankrupted the company to start with. Do you suppose there is any chance they are starting to see the unintended consequences of thinking anyone is too big to fail? Pension funds will be next. Where does it end?

Monday, April 12, 2010

For Immediate Release: St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Event – Thursday April 15 – “Facing The Crisis”

Second Annual St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Event“Facing The Crisis”St. Louis, MO
- The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition’s Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party Event will be held on Thursday April 15, 2010 in Clayton, Missouri. Last year nearly half a million tea party protesters turned out at over 800 events around the country on Tax Day. Here in St. Louis thousands of local patriots attended the Tax Day Tea Party at Keiner Plaza in downtown St. Louis. According to hench.net St. Louis held the fifth largest Tax Day protest in 2009. These men and women were concerned about the direction the current administration and Congress were taking this country. They were upset about the record spending and record deficits.
It’s been a year now and the situation is much worse than it was last year. Last April the unemployment rate had already soared to 8.9%. This April unemployment is holding at 9.7%. Government officials tripled the federal budget deficit to a record $1.4 trillion in the 2009 fiscal year. This year the federal government is on track to break that record. Instead of focusing on the broken economy the leaders in Washington spent the past year focusing on an unpopular trillion dollar entitlement program. While they did this, spending shot up, debt piled up, deficits soared, and unemployment spiked while opportunity, liberty and hope bottomed out.

This Thursday, local tea party patriots will gather in Clayton to speak out against destructive government fiscal policies and decisions. The Tax Day Tea Party Event will be held in Memorial Park in downtown Clayton at the corner of Central and Carondelet. The event will start at 6:30 PM and run until 7:30 PM. Confirmed speakers include local favorites Bill Hennessy, Dana Loesch, Gina Loudon and Jim Hoft. More information will be announced this week.

We urge local patriots to come out and join us at this historic event. No one knows how bad the problems are that we face right now. No one knows what lies ahead after the disastrous decisions made by government officials this past year. But, one thing we do know. We will not be silent. Join us on Thursday.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

An anthem for your heart "American Heart"

My good friend Mr. Jon David recently launched his web site and released his most excellent tune "American Heart"

Not only is this an excellent song, especially given today's highly charged political and cultural climate, but Jon is donating 25% of the proceeds from "American Heart" to Ride2Recovery, a recovery cycling program for wounded soldiers.

Jon is a fantastic songwriter, a good friend and a true patriot. Contribute to a wonderful cause and purchase your copy of this new American anthem.

White House "We're going to return 10% more of what we stole from you"

Thank goodness for those tax cuts President Obama passed last year! According to the White House Americans all around the nation are receiving a whopping 10% MORE of their own money back in refunds this year.
“So far, Americans who have filed their taxes have discovered that the average refund is up nearly ten percent this year –to an all-time high of about $3,000,” Obama said. “This is due in large part to the Recovery Act.”

Assinine Left Seeks to Destroy Tea Party

Look out Tea Partiers, the party crashers are coming for you. In what can only be described as lunacy taken to its highest form, now Marxist style Dems want to crash the Tea Party. Recently launching http://www.crashtheteaparty.org they are self described Mad Hatters intent on smearingTea Parties image.
“WHAT WE WANT: To dismantle and demolish the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary.
“HOW WE WILL SUCCEED: By infiltrating the Tea Party itself! In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia and suspicion…We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies.”

But the game-plan is Crash the Tea Party’s most ominous part: “We will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them. We will also use the inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.”
So now Tea Party not only has to defend itself against the mainstream media, but also against infiltrators who sole purpose is to destroy Tea Party. They are consumed with ruining your mother, grandpa or daughters image, all to promote their own agenda. It is an unfortunate tactic, but not surprising. For all the talk on the left about how awful the right is, it's no great leap to imagine they will again use nasty, underhanded methods to attempt to invalidate a true grassroots movement.

I have to ask, do we have any documented cases of the right using such tactics against the left? I don't think so.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Hank Johnson is concerned about Guam capsizing:

While questioning Admiral Robert Willard, the head of the US Pacific fleet, the two-term Congressman from Georgia expressed concerns about the plans to post up to 5000 extra marines, and their families, to the island.
“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize," the former judge told the House Armed Services Committee hearing.

I have heard everything from he has Hepatitis C to he was obviously joking....which if that is the case it was obvious only to him. Frankly it doesn't matter one way or the other to me. If he is too stupid or too sick to know how land works, he isn't capable of reading and comprehending a 2,000 page health care bill. No wonder we are going into catastrophic debt with no end in sight when we have folks like this running things. 7 punches

Phil Hare cares nothing for the Constitution:

“I don’t care about the Constitution… I believe that it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Umm…....first off, that’s the Declaration of Independence and secondly none of those words are "insurance". For not knowing the Constitution if someone beat you over the head with it AND for being a total douche bag-15 punches.

Harry Reid supporters throw eggs at the Tea Party Express:

So let me get this straight-Reid supporters can throw eggs at a bus, misdirect traffic and one of the guys might "go to jail today" if Andrew Breitbart doesn't "get out of here" and Tea Partiers are the ones with issues????? While we continually here about how horrid the right I- at this point behavior like this is consistently perpetrated by the left. For once again proving most on the left live by the mantra "Do as I say and not as I do" 10 punches

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Parade of Tea Partiers in St. Louis!

St. Louis Rolling Tea Party guy Brian Bollmann put on another excellent Rolling Tea Party event this past weekend. While there had been some pretty good storms overnight and even in the early morning, as I ACCURATELY predicted on Dana Loesch's radio show Friday afternoon, they were long gone by the time we got started. It made for perfect weather for a Rolling Tea Party!

Brian and I got there pretty early. He has quite an assembly for his signage, so we needed a little setup time.

Brian finished up just as other folks started arriving. Everyone turned out showing their true American Spirit and patriotism.

We also had plenty of folks spreading the word on what Tea Parties across this nation are really about.

You can watch some great video by SpikeSTL here (BTW, I think Spike uses AC/DC music 'cause he knows it's my favorite :) )
and more video by Doug Edleman here.

So while some in the media like to malign Tea Partiers and try to paint us in an unfavorable light, events like this just go to show-we are harming no one, we are not violent or extreme......we are simply folks who care about our country and we will continue to fight for what we believe is right, no matter what the MSM says about us.
Huge KUDOS to Brian for putting on another fantastic event. Be sure to check www.stlouisrollingteaparty.com often for information on upcoming events and more Rolling Tea Parties!