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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

ABC-Once again proving they are nothing but a butt-kissing mouth-piece for the left. While on the one hand calling your grandma, your wife and probably your baby a racist, homophobic, spitting protester for showing up and peacefully gathering and chanting at protests around any given capitol during any given protest, they say the Latino protesters in Arizona who had riot police called on them and threw water bottles at those officers "were mostly peaceful". No doubt had one Tea Party Protester even left a scrap of paper behind they would have claimed we were starting World War 3. For being nothing more than a puppet of the Obama Administration with no thought or will of your own 20 punches

Goldman Sachs/John Paulson-It would seem there is a very good chance the housing market did not burst on it's own. In a lawsuit filed last week it is charged John Paulson and Goldman Sachs intentionally created Hedge Funds which they knew were terrible risks, sold off to smaller firms, then bet against and made billions off of. I'm all for making money and for the most part I don't even begrudge Wall Street their huge profits and ridiculous bonuses, however when you make money off lies and trickery, then as a result hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes, savings, investments, and jobs because of it I get kinda pissy about it. For knowing no end to your greed and sacrificing the American economy to benefit your own end 1 billion punches

Gen. James Jones: So this guy makes a really out of line joke which favors the Taliban and berates Jewish people. He gets a big laugh. Ya know, the charges of racism and hate speech sure are hard to hear in the clip I have......I looked around a little, but I'm wondering if they are on the same tape where the members of the Black Cacus say those Tea Partiers were yelling the "N" word over 15 times. For using racism when it's convienent and being racist when it's funny 25 punches

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