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Monday, April 12, 2010

For Immediate Release: St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Event – Thursday April 15 – “Facing The Crisis”

Second Annual St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Event“Facing The Crisis”St. Louis, MO
- The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition’s Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party Event will be held on Thursday April 15, 2010 in Clayton, Missouri. Last year nearly half a million tea party protesters turned out at over 800 events around the country on Tax Day. Here in St. Louis thousands of local patriots attended the Tax Day Tea Party at Keiner Plaza in downtown St. Louis. According to hench.net St. Louis held the fifth largest Tax Day protest in 2009. These men and women were concerned about the direction the current administration and Congress were taking this country. They were upset about the record spending and record deficits.
It’s been a year now and the situation is much worse than it was last year. Last April the unemployment rate had already soared to 8.9%. This April unemployment is holding at 9.7%. Government officials tripled the federal budget deficit to a record $1.4 trillion in the 2009 fiscal year. This year the federal government is on track to break that record. Instead of focusing on the broken economy the leaders in Washington spent the past year focusing on an unpopular trillion dollar entitlement program. While they did this, spending shot up, debt piled up, deficits soared, and unemployment spiked while opportunity, liberty and hope bottomed out.

This Thursday, local tea party patriots will gather in Clayton to speak out against destructive government fiscal policies and decisions. The Tax Day Tea Party Event will be held in Memorial Park in downtown Clayton at the corner of Central and Carondelet. The event will start at 6:30 PM and run until 7:30 PM. Confirmed speakers include local favorites Bill Hennessy, Dana Loesch, Gina Loudon and Jim Hoft. More information will be announced this week.

We urge local patriots to come out and join us at this historic event. No one knows how bad the problems are that we face right now. No one knows what lies ahead after the disastrous decisions made by government officials this past year. But, one thing we do know. We will not be silent. Join us on Thursday.

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