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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Parade of Tea Partiers in St. Louis!

St. Louis Rolling Tea Party guy Brian Bollmann put on another excellent Rolling Tea Party event this past weekend. While there had been some pretty good storms overnight and even in the early morning, as I ACCURATELY predicted on Dana Loesch's radio show Friday afternoon, they were long gone by the time we got started. It made for perfect weather for a Rolling Tea Party!

Brian and I got there pretty early. He has quite an assembly for his signage, so we needed a little setup time.

Brian finished up just as other folks started arriving. Everyone turned out showing their true American Spirit and patriotism.

We also had plenty of folks spreading the word on what Tea Parties across this nation are really about.

You can watch some great video by SpikeSTL here (BTW, I think Spike uses AC/DC music 'cause he knows it's my favorite :) )
and more video by Doug Edleman here.

So while some in the media like to malign Tea Partiers and try to paint us in an unfavorable light, events like this just go to show-we are harming no one, we are not violent or extreme......we are simply folks who care about our country and we will continue to fight for what we believe is right, no matter what the MSM says about us.
Huge KUDOS to Brian for putting on another fantastic event. Be sure to check www.stlouisrollingteaparty.com often for information on upcoming events and more Rolling Tea Parties!


  1. Hi Babe, nice to see you today, and yes the AC/DC is for you alone...LOL.
    Do you know who this is? minutemanblog.org
    there are so many new people hard to keep track.

  2. I wish I had known about this before the event actually took place. I have been having trouble with email and guess I missed it.