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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Party in Utah takes back the GOP

In a fantastic bit of news, it seems the Utah Tea Party has taken serious action and turned the State GOP of Utah on its ear. As many influential members of the Tea Party groups have been suggesting, in Utah they have managed to get several members entrenched in Utah's GOP delegate system.

In a surprising development that sets the stage for a dramatic political showdown, tea party and grass-roots conservatives tell Newsmax they have seized control of Utah's GOP delegate system, and are now in a position to select which candidates will represent the party in the midterm elections. "Our feeling is that the majority of the Republican Party delegates are now tea party people," Brian Halladay, one of the founders of the grass-roots Utah Rising organization, tells Newsmax. Utah GOP leaders say they can't be sure, but concede the activists' assessment may be accurate.
This is fantastic news! Keep up the good work guys. We leave it to you to make sure that only those candidates who support the Constitution and Constitutional Government get into office in your State.

One state down, 56 to go ;)


  1. 56? Where have I been?

  2. What's all this talk about Tea? Y'all talking about Sweet Tea? I love sweet tea, I love it!