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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look out Joy Behar, your stupidity is showing again.

Joy Behar at it again. Finding a way to lay the current BP oil tragedy at the feet of the Bush Administration.....namely VP Dick Chaney.

To parade out anything said by Colin Powell or Lawrence Wilkerson at this point is a bit of a stretch considering there is no love loss between these folks and the Bush Presidency. They would say anything to make this about anyone other than Obama. What's happening today is a direct result of the failure of Government to do it's job. This Administration, the last Administration, ALL Administrations in recent history have let the oil industry get away with failing inspections and tests and continue to operate; they have ALL put in regulations and repealed them, or given waivers to big oil. On this our government has failed us over and over in favor of lobbyists and special interest.

But what isn't the fault of the Bush Administration?.....the fact that President Obama hasn't gone down to take a look; the fact that President Obama hasn't even flown over in a helicopter....which made you so mad when Bush did it during Katrina. That the only real thing this President and his savior Administration has done is give BP a verbal spanking and then fly off to play golf. Obama does nothing but demonize big business, but makes absolutely no moves to stop the oil from flowing............

Elections do have consequences and in this case the environment and the wildlife are the ones who will pay.

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  1. Fine choice. Listen to her is almost like listening to nails on a chalkboard.