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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nancy Pelosi would rather your kids be addicted to drugs than stop drug traffic.

Surprise, surprise......Nancy Pelosi would rather treat your kids for drug abuse rather than just stopping those drugs from entering this country......

Cost?!?!?!? She's worried about the cost of saving our children? I wonder if she realizes that treatment AFTER addiction fails the majority of the time........

Sort of like how she would rather abort babies after they are conceived rather than mess with preventing unwanted pregnancy........

Or like how she would prefer to deal with nation security after the bombers bombs fail to kill thousands rather than preventing attack with interrogation techniques.


  1. Of course this bitch would rather treat your kids for drug abuse instead of waging war against the drug cartel.....she like many of the other politicians on Capital Hill as well as state politicians are getting kick backs from the drug cartel by keeping our borders wide open allowing the drugs to freely flow into America.

  2. What reasons does she believe that we have to manage the border? If drugs isn't a concern of hers.... what is the progressive's view on responsibility to control the border? I believe she is under the normalcy bias and doesn't understand what is truly at stake here. Please SAN FRANCISCO, Wake up and see what power she is throwing to the dogs!