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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Obligatory Nazi Post

It is now OK and maybe even awesome and cool for one to throw around the term Nazi. I remember what seems like just yesterday, Tea Partiers not only accused of calling the President a Nazi, but decried for it.

However, in a fantastic turn of events it is now accetable to use that term when referring to those who's policies you disagree with.

I'm sure those who actually lived thru Nazi Germany and all the horrors associated with it will be saddened to see that such a term is so easy to use and throw around now a days. Although I know that enforcing the constitution and existing law is exactly like the horrors visisted upon the Jewish people in Germany in the 1930's........


  1. Using the word Nazi to describe everyone from political opponents to people who are in a bad mood completely diminishes the fact that Nazis killed millions of people in horrible ways. I think that this is the point of the left and Holocaust deniers, after all the Jews aren't victims, rather they are the terrible people who are taking land from their rightful owners the Palestinians, they're the aggressors...Right. Its one of those things that if a person is on the right, there are a set of rules that they must abide by that the left simply doesn't have to because it diminishes their ability to demonize common sense.

  2. Every legal resident alien (legal immigrant) must have his Alien Resident Card (Green Card)with him at all times. How is that different than "jews in Germany having to carry papers". It infuriates me when MSM morons talk about this issue and totally mis-represent the issue about having to carry papers. And nobody ever call them on it.

  3. While the term is thrown back and forth, no one really takes the time to consider what went on during Hitlers fascist rule- aside from Hitler blaming the jews for Germany's financial crisis and exerminating them.

    It was a time of world economic difficulty. The "change" so many went for was to an authoritarian central governement run society, whether it be fascist, socialist, or communist. All share the fact that power is taken from the people and instilled in government to adminisrate the peoples lives, for and in the interest of the state.

    Or, what we have today. Although I do not think Goldman or Sachs will face the gas chamber - simple blame for walstreet may suffice.

  4. These people are robotic talking heads for the media. Clearly they will say or do anyting to keep their jobs.