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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ACLU issues idiotic travel alert for illegals going to Arizona

The idiots who only want to protect the most ridiculous of rights is at it again. Today they have issued a warning to folks, stating if they go to Arizona they might be profiled and sent back to Mexico.....which of course would only happen if said person was here illegally to begin with.
The nation's top civil liberties group has issued travel warnings for Arizona, saying the new state law cracking down on illegal immigrants could lead to racial profiling and warrantless arrests.

American Civil Liberties Union affiliates in Arizona, New Mexico and 26 other states put out the alerts Wednesday, in advance of the heavily traveled Fourth of July weekend. The Arizona chapter says it's received reports that law enforcement officers are already targeting some people even though the law doesn't take effect until July 29.

I would like to see the proof of the folks who have been unfairly targeted. Right now. Produce them. Were they here illegally? Then no matter what else you say, they were not targeted unfairly.

The American Civil Liberties Union is only interested in protecting the rights of law-breakers not peaceful, American citizens, who follow the actual law.

My Warren County Tea Party Speech

If you missed my speech at Warren County on June 11, you can watch the whole thing here. Also, I will be speaking to the Republican Women's Club in late August-details to follow.

Elana Kagan changed medical documents in partial-birth abortion Supreme Court Case

In the age of information broken and released at break-neck speed it has now come to light that Elena Kagan likely influenced some wording (you'll want to click that link for the actual hand written documents that prove these charges) in a very important statement issued by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) used by the United States Supreme Court in striking down Nebraska’s ban on partial-birth abortion in 2000.

The ACOG was a medical panel of supposedly nonpartisan physicians' who were to provide a report on the facts about partial-birth abortion which would then be used to defend Nebraska's right to provide this procedure.

In court, the ACOG report stated:
"ACOG declared that the partial-birth-abortion procedure "may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman." The Court relied on the ACOG statement as a key example of medical opinion supporting the abortion method."
But the review did not actually have these findings. Instead the ACOG wrote to the Clinton White House:
"Todd Stern just discovered that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is thinking about issuing a statement (attached) that includes the following sentence: "[A] select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which [the partial-birth] procedure ... would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the woman." This, of course, would be disaster -- not the less so (in fact, the more so) because ACOG continues to oppose the legislation. It is unclear whether ACOG will issue the statement; even if it does not, there is obviously a chance that the draft will become public."
It would seem Elena Kagan couldn't stand the thought of this truth being told and possibly influencing the final decision of the Supreme Court. Ms. Kagan took control (actual PDF of document sent to the White House) and told the ACOG exactly how they might word that statement to better defend the far left position of killing all babies, all the time.

So Kagan set about solving the problem. Her notes, produced by the White House to the Senate Judiciary Committee, show that she herself drafted the critical language hedging ACOG's position. On a document [PDF] captioned "Suggested Options" -- which she apparently faxed to the legislative director at ACOG -- Kagan proposed that ACOG include the following language: "An intact D&X [the medical term for the procedure], however, may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman."

Kagan's language was copied verbatim by the ACOG executive board into its final statement, where it then became one of the greatest evidentiary hurdles faced by Justice Department lawyers (of whom I was one) in defending the federal ban. (Kagan's role was never disclosed to the courts.)

It would seem the practice of changing evidence and science is common place-far more so than we ever knew. For the oil drilling ban, climate change and now abortion, in every instance someone on the far left had to change science-better known as LYING-in order to get what they wanted. They have no argument and no facts, so they will simply manipulate the truth to suit their agenda, no matter the cost to the economy, freedom, your rights granted by God or anything else. Their rabid pursuit of this agenda far outweighs their need for facts or truth.

How in the world can we confirm someone to the Supreme Court of the United States that will outright lie and manipulate facts to forward their far left liberal agenda and still say she will be impartial. Her confirmation would be a travesty.

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Rep. Pete Stark-At a Townhall in Freemont California Rep. Stark starts responses to a question asked by a minute-man about boarder security by first saying "Who you gonna kill today?" Later he tells the crowd "Our boarders are secure, thank you very much." This is a common thread these days, the far left are no longer hiding their contempt for the Constitution or the American people who expect them to do their job. If Representative Stark is so confident our boarders are secure how 'bout if he moves right to the edge of California and Mexico. Report back to us in a few weeks about how awesome it is. Because me saying how many times you should be fired at is inappropriate, 10 punches

Sheryl Crow-In an interview for Glamour Magazine the country singer told CBS journalist Katie Couric Tea Party members are uneducated, angry and potentially dangerous. This is a strange thing to say when, if you can read, polling data shows that Tea Partiers are more educated and work in higher paying jobs than the general public. Also, criticizing anothers intelligence while doing an interview for Glamour..........yeah-you're a MENSA member no doubt. Keep in mind this is the same woman who said we should use one square of toilet paper per restroom visit. She's a real hero for toilet paper. For being another Hollywood elite too uneducated to understand we don't care what she thinks 7 punches

Elena Kagan-During her confirmation hearings Elena Kagan responded to a question asked by Senator Leahy-well first she rambled on for 20 minutes but she wrapped up by saying the Constitution was meant to be "interpreted over time". You know we continually hear this from the left-the Constitution is a living breathing document meant to change or be interpreted over time. This is a completely idiotic stance. The Constitution is not meant to be interpreted or elastic in anyway. This would only hold true if the Constitution was giving us anything, like rights or responsibilities-then maybe we would have to interpret it in some way. However, our Constitution doesn't do that. The Constitution reminds us of the rights granted to us by God and reminds our legislatures of those simple facts. The Constitution limits government and protects the people from the tyranny of those who would take our freedoms away. Elena may want to go back and take a Constitutional Law class in college before she puts on her big girl robe and sits on the Supreme Court of the United States. For being another lefty who thinks you can use the court and your opinion to change the documents that founded this country 20 punches.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Victoria Jackson-There's a Communist in the White House

I'm not really a huge Victoria Jackson fan, but when you're right, you're right-

Scott Brown bitch slaps Dodd and Frank

Maybe so folks are actually going to stand up for the little guy in Washington. Maybe it will only happen once, but hey at this point I'll take what I can get. Yesterday Scott Brown, (D-MA) sent a letter to Chris Dodd and Barney Frank telling them he would not support the financial reform bill that came out of conference in the dead of the night last Friday. The reason Brown gave for not supporting the reform bill: the $19 billion in new "fees" (or more accurately TAXES) being levied against the banks. Tax hikes that will certainly be passed on to the consumer and small business.

Dear Chairman Dodd and Chairman Frank,

I am writing you to express my strong opposition to the $19 billion bank tax that was included in the financial reform bill during the conference committee. This tax was not in the Senate version of the bill, which I supported. If the final version of this bill contains these higher taxes, I will not support it.

It is especially troubling that this provision was inserted in the conference report in the dead of night without hearings or economic analysis. While some will try to argue this isn’t a tax, this new provision takes real money away from the economy, making it unavailable for lending on Main Street, and gives it to Washington. That sounds like a tax to me.

I have always strongly opposed a bank tax because, as the non-partisan CBO has said, costs would be passed onto the millions of American consumers and small businesses who rely on major U.S. financial institutions for their checking, ATM, loans or other services. This tax will be paid by consumers who will have to pay higher fees and the small businesses that won’t get the funding they need to invest and create jobs.

Imposing this new tax is the wrong option. Our economy is still struggling. It is wrong to impose higher taxes and ignore the impact it will have on our economy without considering other ways we might offset the costs of the measure. I am asking that the conference committee find a way to offset the cost of the bill by cutting unnecessary federal spending. There are hundreds of billions in unspent federal funds sitting around, some authorized years ago for long-dead initiatives. Congress needs to start to looking there first, and I stand ready to help.

Senator Scott P. Brown

Scott Brown is not my favorite all the time, but this, he gets my approval. Thank you for standing up to these bullies and not "passing it to see what's in it" That isn't how passing new legislation in this country should work.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Maybe Sheryl Crow should read a little before she opens her mouth

In another show of Hollywood idiocy and out-of-touchness Sheryl Crow opened her pie hole and suggested that Tea Partiers are somehow uneducated and don't understand the complexities of Wall Street. I don't think Sheryl Crow understands, no one cares what she thinks. She is a Hollywood elite who has no idea what she's talking about.

After Crow complained in the interview that Americans have become too blasé about politics, and that nobody has taken to the streets to cause "a riot or a revolution," Couric correctly pointed to the Tea Party as an example of modern day activism.

"What do you think of the Tea Party movement? Because that is the specific sort of group of people who would say we're out there, we're getting involved in the process...," asked Couric.

"I appreciate the fact that those people are out there and that they are fired up," responded Crow, before adding that Tea Partiers "haven't educated themselves...they're just pissed off."

"My main concern is that [the Tea Party is] really fear-based," said Crow, a cancer survivor and environmental activist. "What's coming out of the Tea Party most often, especially if you go onto YouTube, and you see some of the interviews with these people who really don't even know what the issues are, they're just swept up in the fear of it and the anger of it."

"They're not sure what they're angry at," Crow continued. "[T]hey don't understand what's happening on Wall Street."

The singer also worried that the "uneducated" and "angry" Tea Partiers could even become dangerous. "[K]nowledge is power, and anything less than that when it comes to anger can be dangerous," said Crow.

One thing that is clear from Crow's statement? She hasn't seen any of the polling that indicates Tea Partiers are more educated and work in higher paying industries than the general public. in fact I would say most of the folks I run into at Tea Party events are more well read and understand the ins and outs of all current issues more than anyone else I know.....including you Sheryl Crow.

Maybe Ms. Crow should educate herself a little and then she might be able to understand the complexities of Tea Party AND Wall Street.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freedom Fights: A Cadidate Forum-LIVE

Brought to you by I Heard The People Say

It's time for a change in politics as usual, because it's no longer politics as usual!
Freedom Fights, Missouri's largest candidate fair, will be held on Sunday, June 27, 2010, 12 noon - 5 pm, at the St. Charles Convention Center. You will not want to miss this event! Informative and engaging? Yes! Boring and stuffy? No!

We will be broadcasting LIVE all day from this event starting at noon CST. JOIN US!

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did you know we are getting a NEW Consumer Protection Agency?

Moreover, don't we already have a Consumer Protection Agency????

As part of the new Financial Bill that passed out of committee at some ridiculous hour of the day we are now about to be ruled by more unelected officials and subjected to more government command and control without oversight. Welcome the era of new Consumer Protection Agency. This agency will reside within the Federal Reserve, another organization with far too much power, full of unelected officials that can do anything they want without benefit of sunlight.

But the provision receiving the most accolades from consumer activists is the establishment of a consumer protection agency. The bureau will be an independent agency within the Federal Reserve, with its own budget and a director appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

"Finally, we're going to have this cop on the beat that's going to have some teeth, that's going to be able to rein in abusive lending, and deceptive products and services," said Susan Weinstock, financial reform campaign director at the Consumer Federation of America. "It's going to oversee . . . all sorts of things that tripped up consumers."

A cop with teeth? The government will protect us from bad lending practices, but who will protect us from the government?

The worst Administration in history-which cannot handle the Gulf oil spill, national security, illegal immigration, Wall Street, or a weak and dying economy-is now in charge of regulating most all consumer credit everywhere........

I don't feel better.

FYI: Giving out more jobless aid is NOT creating jobs

Our illustrious leaders in Washington are itching to spend more of our hard earned money. I guess they haven't heard-we're broke too.
The demise of Democrats' jobs-agenda legislation means that unemployment benefits will phase out for more than 200,000 people a week. Governors who had counted on fresh federal aid will now have to consider more budget cuts, tax increases and layoffs of state workers.
In a continuous effort to make themselves look good until November the Democrats want to pass more jobless aid to people who have already been receiving jobless aid for more than 99 weeks. While I realize it is a real drag to be unemployed-indeed I have been unemployed before-there is a limit to how much aid one can receive. When have you extended the aid long enough?

Oh wait, I know, through November.

There is no benefit in keeping this charade up. The reason these benefits have to continually be extended is because the economy is not getting better. The rest of America cannot take care of those who are out of work in perpetuity. Life simply does not work like that. It is also a well documented fact that those receiving aid wait until the last minute to actually look for work. If you keep extending benefits, they'll keep not working. It's human nature.

The Dems would love to see this pass though, they are convinced this is the answer.

The rejected bill would have provided $16 billion in new aid to states, preserving the jobs of thousands of state and local government workers and providing what White House officials called an insurance policy against a double-dip recession. It also included dozens of tax breaks sought by business lobbyists and tax increases on domestically produced oil and on investment fund managers.

"This is a bill that would remedy serious challenges that American families face as a result of this Great Recession," said Max Baucus, D-Mont., the chief author of the bill. "This is a bill that works to build a stronger economy. This is a bill to put Americans back to work."

Unfortunately, more debt, extending unemployment benefits to folks-many of whom have been collecting for well over 6 months-and saving the jobs of thousands of government
employees doesn't actually make the economy stronger or put anyone back to work. It simply perpetuates the stagnate, small business killing hell we're all living in right now. Let's also remember, the insurance policy against a double dip recession was the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill passed last year. Why would we need more insurance against something that was already insured against?

"Hi, I'm a liberal and I have no idea where Arizona is."

And these are the people who are running this country.......

Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee is proud to be the "first Latino/Hispanic American to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board". During the debate on a measure boycotting the state of Arizona she asserts an uneasy knowledge of US geography.

Financial Overhaul Bill passes out of committee....no one knows what’s in it.

In another unbelievable act of hubris our legislatures have put together a mammoth bill that will not actually do anything, nor do they have any idea what's in it. A House-Senate conference committee to completed work on toughened financial rules for banks and financial institutions at about 5:30 this morning to the tune of more than 2,000 pages.
"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."
Yeah, again with the no one will actually know how it works or whats in it until we actually get it in place. Then they will probably have to pass a whole bunch of other laws, rules and regulations to make the bill even "better" because that is how our law making process now works. Pass a bill that makes no sense, does nothing good and promotes more socialistic policy-then improve it by passing amendments and other regulation later.

The depth and breadth of corruption, deal making and out-right lying being done by the people who are supposed to be take care of this country is completely disgusting. November may not come fast enough.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Steny Hoyer- This week Steny unveiled what he called a “budget enforcement resolution” in place of passing a budget for this year. Hoyer says this blueprint will curb discretionary spending in addition to the cuts called for in President Obama’s budget. They will also look for ways to trim wasteful spending. Hey, here's an idea Steny, stop passing multi-billion dollar stimulus packages filled with more pork than a pig farm and rip health care out by the roots. That outta get us started on the right road to having enough money to pass a budget. For never knowing when enough is enough 15 punches

The Obama Administration-It has come the the attention of the American public this week that though it has been 60 days since the BP rig started spewing oil into Gulf of Mexico and states all along the Gulf have been begging for as many skimmers as they can get, only 20 have been sent to the disaster area. Why, you might be asking, would our federal government only send 20 skimmers to the region when there are over 2,000 available? Well, mainly because they are total idiots, but also because they are worried those skimmers might be needed if there is another spill of some kind...........what the hell is that? Should we also stop sending multiple fire departments to huge fires in case there is another fire in the area? Unfortunately this is what you get when you hire someone with no experience to run the country. This guy couldn't even run a lemonade stand, let alone a country. For not knowing what constitutes a true emergency 100 punches

Hilda Solis
-Recently the Secretary of Labor released a PSA announcing all workers had the right to a fair wage, "whether documented or not".......really? I wonder if we will soon demand a fair wage for hit men and drug dealers as well. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest someone who is breaking the law can demand anything at all. For ramming open boarders and amnesty down the throats of the American public no matter what the majority wants 25 punches

Fed shut down sand berm building in the Gulf

They want the operation moved father offshore. Rather than addressing the BP Gulf Oil spill as a true crisis, this administration continues to bog these folks down in red tape.

How long are we supposed to believe all of this red tape, in-action and total incompetence is not part if the plan.......

Obama wants to remake the economy. Asks for OFA's help

Oy vey....no surprise here:

Yay! Let the decimation of the economy begin!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Patriot Enclave-show notes 6-17-09

FIRST OFF---A BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Brian....I know it's not actually his birthday yet, but I'm going to miss the big party due to a prior commitment. Happy Birthday my friend. Knowing you is a pleasure and an honor :)

Also, we both did an awesome job at the Warren County Tea Party last Friday. Kudos to the folks at WarrenCountyPatriots.net for putting on a great rally. One thing we found though, we MUST do a better job of spreading the word on Proposition C-the Healthcare Freedom Act here in Missouri and get folks out to vote for it on August 3rd.......right after they put a check mark by Brian's name.

Audio: The federal government closes a part of Arizona to AMERICANS due to drug smuggling, violence, and human trafficking concerns:

Audio: Oil Spill fun (2 audio clips)
Ed Schultz: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matt-hadro/2010/06/15/msnbcs-schultz-asks-when-obama-will-become-dictator-gulf-cleanup

NRA sells out bloggers and free speech rights
And more Internet regulation will kill free speech-New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet
Related: The government wants to bailout dead-tree peddlers, but you know what other industry went out of business without government intervention? Horse-drawn carriages……..get it? Good.

Look, British Muslims hate their military

Business REQUIRED to continue offering Insurance:

Targeting anchor babies-FINALLY
Here’s the kicker tho-it’s totally legal to do this:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Health Care rationing? PFT-Of course you silly people

Obama's pick to lead Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Donald Berwick, should make seniors run for the hills. If you don't fit the proper age, disease affliction or socio-economic status you aren't worth saving according to Dr. Berwick. As just one more radical czar in a string of radical czar's, Dr. Berwick is perfect to work in the NHS because he would love to dispense medicine according to social rules rather than medical need. I know this isn't called rationing, but .....
In his Triple Aim plan, Berwick laments that US health care is "designed to focus on the acute needs of individual patients." He argues for a different focus, social justice.

Instead of doctors making decisions autonomously in the interest of their own patients, he wants a nationwide plan allocating resources "to anticipate and shape patterns of care for important subgroups." These subgroups -- which can be defined by age, disease affliction or socio-economic status -- should be the "unit of concern," not the individual patient.

Berwick confessed, "I am a romantic about the NHS. I love it. All I have to do to rediscover the romance is to look at the health care in my own country." He praised the NHS for its central planning, frugality, wealth redistribution and rationing.

I'm excited too-who wouldn't be with our future head of Medicare/Medicaid touting wealth redistribution and rationing.

And treating people's illnesses? Yeah, that's silly. Why in the world would we want to tend to actual sickness? We should just let a bunch of people who aren't doctors tell us what treatments we deserve. Good thing we passed that Heath Care Bill so we could see what was in it.

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Congressman Bob Etheridge: When asked by a young man, who may or may not be a student, if he "fully supported the Obama agenda?" Congressman Etheridge responded by grabbing and shoving the guy, demanding to know who he was. The Congressman later apologized saying:
“I have seen the video posted on several blogs. I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved. Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response. I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.”
Interesting that now simply asking a question would be defined as "intrusive and partisan". Also interesting? It sounds like Etheridge is blaming the young man. For being a living example of what too many years in public service will do to you 10 punches.

The NRA-The NRA recently announced its support for the DISCLOSE Act, which is a freedom of speech attacking piece of legislation. They did this in return for being exempt from this bill when it is passed. I wonder if the NRA realizes if the DISCLOSE Act passes the very same people who would write to defend the NRA and it's desire for fair and reasonable gun control legislation will no longer be able to write about it. For cutting off your nose to spite your face and completely selling out those that fight the hardest to support you 15 punches

The Los Angeles School District: The Los Angeles School Board voted last week to declare the recently passed Arizona Anti-ILLEGAL Immigration Law "unAmerican" and that the school board was "expressing outrage" and "condemned" the law. In addition, they want all of their history and civics classes to teach about the law in class in the context of "American values of unity, diversity and equal protection for all people.”, preaching "justice for all that live within our boarders" Unfortunately it seems that "justice for all that live within our borders" doesn't include the American people who are here legally. There is no fairness or justice in letting illegal invaders to continue to cross our borders at will, with no accountability. There is no fairness in allowing criminals from other countries to come here and commit heinous crimes against Americans, then extend our rights and legal system to them. There is no justice when the first thing you do in coming here is violate our laws. For indoctrinating our children and instilling in them the ability to completely ignore a law and law enforcement if they don't completely and fully agree 100 punches and stay the hell away from my children.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More rules that are just like Socialism........Business REQUIRED to continue offering Insurance

Once again this Administration is meddling in the private operation of private business. This week the Health and Human Services Committee unveiled a new plan to require all businesses to continue to offer their existing health care plans and not shift a significant portion of the surely skyrocketing cost to the employee. Now that it has become clear the health care bill passed is a social and fiscal nightmare that will bankrupt the country, it is certain they want to be sure it will take evil business down too.

The White House on Monday outlined broad new rules designed to prevent employers from dropping health insurance benefits for their workers or shifting huge new costs onto them.

The regulations empower the administration to revoke the so-called grandfather status of businesses that shift “significant” new burdens onto employees — a considerable penalty that would subject those plans to all the consumer protections in the Democrats’ new healthcare reform law.

The new rules say that employers can make “routine and modest” adjustments to their premium, deductible and co-pay requirements, Sebelius said, but “significant” cost hikes or benefit cuts would cost them their exempted status. The goal is to ensure that grandfathered plans “don’t use this additional flexibility to take advantage of their customers,” she said.

“We don’t want a massive shift of cost to employees,” Sebelius said.

They don't want a massive shift of cost to the employee, but they have no problem bankrupting the business? Are they unfamiliar with who actually creates the jobs in this country? Legislation like this will only serve to freeze hiring and wages even more than they are already, forcing many businesses to shut down entire segments that will no longer be cost effective to keep open. There is nothing like threatening the wage creators right in the middle of the highest unemployment and economic turmoil in recent history. Yeah, that outta make things better.

Another noteworthy consequence of this move? There is no way that many insurance plans will not loose their "exempt status" because of these new regulations. This will absolutely result in a massive shift of employees to the government option. Keep what you have? Right.

Please do not call this an unintended consequence-they know exactly what they are doing.

Our Senate is full of Wussies

Imagine that:
Fifty three of the Senate's 59 Democrats gave unelected, overpaid bureaucrats at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency a green light yesterday to do pretty much whatever they choose in their quixotic crusade against global warming.
It's wonderful to see our elected stand up for our rights and to make sure those we elect are actually the ones making the laws that will effect us for years to come........oh wait-they did exactly the opposite of that. How nice.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Patroit Enclave Show Notes-6/10/10

AUDIO: Obama don’t make excuses?!?!?!?


How awesome, President Obama is giving (terrorists)Hamas $400 million in aid. I wonder where we got all that money?


$400,000,000 to the Hamas-led death cult allied with Iran and Syria? $400,000,000 to the people who celebrated the destruction of the twin towers? $400,000,000 to rain thousands more rockets upon Israeli women and children?


Women delivered the smack down in the primaries Tuesday:



Barney Frank thinks there is no reason to let Fannie and Freddie come out of conservatorship:

"Passing that bill tomorrow wouldn't save anything because their current operations aren't losing money," Frank said.
However, the companies continue to rack up losses on mortgages they bought or guaranteed at the height of the housing boom. They foresee receiving more taxpayer funds under an agreement in which the Treasury pumps in enough capital each quarter so that the companies maintain a positive net worth.

Ha! Ahmadinejad is very very angry the UN will impose more sanctions on him:


A warning label for the US Constitution? Are ya kidiing me?!?!?!?!



Warning that appears on Wilder Publications' reprints of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other historical texts.

Audio: Rosie O’Donnell says “seize their assets!” of BP:


More on BP:
Jim Hoft at Big Government reports: "Tar blobs began washing up on Florida’s white sand beaches near Pensacola this past weekend. Crude oil has already been reported along barrier islands in Alabama and Mississippi, and has impacted about 125 miles of Louisiana coastline. It didn’t have to be this way. There are miles of floating oil containment boom in warehouse right now and the manufacturer Packgen says it can make lots more on short notice. There’s just one problem… No one will come get it."

Also, FYI, you should be aware it’s all whities fault Obama won’t get mad about it:


And finally, the WH thinks BP should pay the salaries of the laid off workers…..even thoughj the WH is who put the moratorium on drilling to begin with


Deficit to rise to 19.6 Trillion by 2015


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't you love supporting Fannie and Freddie

Republicans tried to force a vote today that would have gotten Fannie and Freddie off the backs of the American tax payer. It's a shame our wonderful congress just didn't see the value in that.
The U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday blocked an effort by Republicans to end the taxpayer support of Fannie Mae (FNM: 0.9, -0.011, -1.21%) and Freddie Mac (FRE: 1.16, 0, 0%).
While Fannie and Freddie lead the charge in loans gone bad, Congress believes we should continue to support them regardless. After all, combined they provide almost 3/4 of all new mortgages.

According to Barney Frank, there is no reason to take them out of conservatorship, after all they are making money. Oh really Barney?
However, the companies continue to rack up losses on mortgages they bought or guaranteed at the height of the housing boom. They foresee receiving more taxpayer funds under an agreement in which the Treasury pumps in enough capital each quarter so that the companies maintain a positive net worth.
It is of course unimportant that not only have we jammed over $145 billion into these two companies since 2008, but in any year they don't show a profit, we pump even more dough into them to be sure they do.

The Federal government had no business propping them up to start with and they have no business continuing to put taxpayer money into a failing business. If Fannie and Freddie are so totally awesome, let them stand on their own.

Face Punch Wednesday

Helen Thomas-Last week Helen proclaimed "Jews go home!" In an interview with Rabbi Nesenoff she said the Jews should "get the hell out of Israel and go home." and then when she was asked where home was she said "Germany and Poland". Unfortunately for her the Jews are home, having occupied that land far longer than the Arabs. It all worked out OK though didn't it....looks like Hearst Publishing told good 'ole Helen to "get the hell out and go home!" Fabulous! 10 punches for being a racist bigot.

President Obama-Nothing like fiddling while Rome burns............or going to basketball, out golfing or hosting a musical concert at the White House while the Gulf Coast gets soaked in oil. President Obama has proclaimed over and over how the BP oil spill is his first priority yet he has done nothing to make it seem so. Where are the skimmers? Where are the burms? Where are the hundreds of volunteers or workers to clean up the beaches? First priority my bright white rear end. News flash President Obama, holding a press conference doesn't make it your first priority, it makes it a photo op and the opportunity to once again demonize big business and big oil. For being ineffective and a complete waste of air 1 zillion punches.

Former President Clinton-
Former President Clinton sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee warning that Republicans are trying to "derail' President Obama's agenda. Included with the letter, Clinton included a flyer from the DSCC stating "DSCC funds go towards efforts to unseat far-right Republican senators like admitted sinner David Vitter." How delicious........impeached sinner President Clinton calling David Vitter a sinner for admitting he visited prostitutes while in the House. Really President Clinton? Wait, how many women have you been with over the years? Just cause you didn't pay them makes you no less sinful my friend....just cheaper. An impeached President calling another a sinner.....hahaha. For not realizing what exactly constitutes sinning and when to keep your mouth shut 15 punches

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Los Angeles Students to be taught following the law is "bad"

The school district in Los Angeles wants to teach their kids it is un-American to protect your citizens, defend your borders and require people who want to enter your country, do so legally. It's funny to me, a school with a more than 50% drop-out rate is spending time teaching their kids that following law is un-American. How about teaching kids that joining gangs, killing each other and using drugs is un-American? Why is a city that is so totally screwed up like Los Angeles worried about what Arizona is doing. Don't they have enough problems of their own?

The school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to “express outrage” and “condemnation” of the law. I wonder why they don't express outrage and condemnation of those who continue to invade our nation? Probably because it doesn't fit their open boarders, progressive agenda....but that's just my guess.

In a press release they go on to say they want the Arizona law discussed in civics and history classes in the context of "American values of unity, diversity and equal protection for all people.”
America must stand for tolerance, inclusiveness and equality,” said Board President Monica García, according to the release. “In our civics classes and in our hallways, we must give life to these values by teaching our students to value themselves; to respect others; and to demand fairness and justice for all who live within our borders. Any law which violates civil rights is un-American.
Unfortunately it seems that "justice for all that live within our borders" doesn't include the American people who are here legally. There is no fairness or justice in letting illegal invaders to continue to cross our borders at will, with no accountability. There is no fairness in allowing criminals from other countries to come here and commit heinous crimes against Americans, then extend our rights and legal system to them. There is no justice when the first thing you do in coming here is violate our laws.

The agenda of this school board is clearly indoctrination of our children, making them believe in the "global society". They are taking this Arizona law and the controversy surrounding it as an opportunity to once again push the myth that if you aren't letting everyone in-unfettered access-then you are clearly a racist.
"We need to do everything in our power to help our students be global citizens, develop appreciation for the diversity in our midst, and reject any forms of racism or bias," said Board Vice President Yolie Flores. "This resolution highlights our commitment to ensuring that our students understand the ideals and constitutional rights that this great country is founded on, while also gaining an appreciation of the histories and cultural contributions of those who have helped build this nation."

“It is a sad day in America when the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution are trampled upon under the color of law and authority,” said LAUSD Board Member Martinez. “Everyone, regardless of their status in the United States, has the right to equal protection under our laws. These Arizona laws are nothing but a knee-jerk backlash resulting from the lack of a comprehensive and well thought out immigration reform policy.”
I completely, fully and absolutely disagree that no matter who you are and what your status in America is you deserve equal protection under the law. This is simply not true. American citizens have American rights. Anyone here illegally has the right to go back to their home country willingly or be arrested, jailed and sent back forcefully. Other than that, you have no rights in this country. If you want to be an American, great! Be one. Go through the system that has been established and become an American citizen.

School boards like this have to be stopped. They are teaching our children that boarders don't matter, that laws don't matter and that American citizens don't matter. It is a disgrace that in any city in America children are being taught that being an American means nothing, but we should be inclusive and accepting of all others.

This school board is using a perfectly legal and right law made under the rights of a State as afforded to it by the 10th Amendment to make every legal American who wants a safe, secure border and for people to immigrate here legally, look like racists. That's just wrong.

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