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Monday, June 28, 2010

Maybe Sheryl Crow should read a little before she opens her mouth

In another show of Hollywood idiocy and out-of-touchness Sheryl Crow opened her pie hole and suggested that Tea Partiers are somehow uneducated and don't understand the complexities of Wall Street. I don't think Sheryl Crow understands, no one cares what she thinks. She is a Hollywood elite who has no idea what she's talking about.

After Crow complained in the interview that Americans have become too blasé about politics, and that nobody has taken to the streets to cause "a riot or a revolution," Couric correctly pointed to the Tea Party as an example of modern day activism.

"What do you think of the Tea Party movement? Because that is the specific sort of group of people who would say we're out there, we're getting involved in the process...," asked Couric.

"I appreciate the fact that those people are out there and that they are fired up," responded Crow, before adding that Tea Partiers "haven't educated themselves...they're just pissed off."

"My main concern is that [the Tea Party is] really fear-based," said Crow, a cancer survivor and environmental activist. "What's coming out of the Tea Party most often, especially if you go onto YouTube, and you see some of the interviews with these people who really don't even know what the issues are, they're just swept up in the fear of it and the anger of it."

"They're not sure what they're angry at," Crow continued. "[T]hey don't understand what's happening on Wall Street."

The singer also worried that the "uneducated" and "angry" Tea Partiers could even become dangerous. "[K]nowledge is power, and anything less than that when it comes to anger can be dangerous," said Crow.

One thing that is clear from Crow's statement? She hasn't seen any of the polling that indicates Tea Partiers are more educated and work in higher paying industries than the general public. in fact I would say most of the folks I run into at Tea Party events are more well read and understand the ins and outs of all current issues more than anyone else I know.....including you Sheryl Crow.

Maybe Ms. Crow should educate herself a little and then she might be able to understand the complexities of Tea Party AND Wall Street.

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