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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ever heard of the Tan Klan?

I wonder if the NAACP will issue a statement against this group?

Groups promoting this type of rhetoric are the ones promoting racism. They not only think all whites should go back to Germany (not sure why this lady seems to think we are all from Germany) but they have no problem telling you-YOU don't belong here:
From the National Brown Berets site:
If you are smart, even just a little smart you would also have to conclude that what the Europeans did was illegal. This whole country called the USA is built on lies. There is no USA. There is Aztlan, there is Anahuac. But this country that dares invade another nation’s territory and has the audacity to claim that its native inhabitants are now illegal is the epitome of stupidity on all levels!! And you, yes YOU, if you are a Mexican with Native blood in you, which 95% of us have, and you think that you are somehow better than your brothers and sisters on that side of the border, than fuck you! Those people are you, you fucken retard! Just because you have citizenship in a country that is illegal it doesn’t make you better, it makes you an illegal. You want to fucken be real then become a citizen of AZTLAN. Represent your Native Raza. Stop playing your Wii, get off your lazy ass and fight for our right to be on our own land!!
This from a group which wikipedia defines as:
The Brown Berets focuses on community organizing against police brutality and are in favor of educational equality. As a decentralized movement, several groups have been quite active since the passage of California Proposition 187, carrying on the militant stance and paramilitary garb of the original movement. Units exist in most sections of California and a few in other southwesten states. They primarily serve as a visible symbol of historical Raza resolve at demonstrations and political parades.
That's an interesting way to describe a group that purports taking back "their" country by whatever means necessary and states assimilation is not an option.
We fight for equality for our Raza and acceptance of our culture. We are not a lesser race, our culture should never be commercialized as a fad, and we should never be forced to assimilate into the American melting pot. If we repudiate American values, commercialism, lack of morality, corruptness, racism, and disorder we definitely reserve the right to do so.
How fascinating that we have groups like the NAACP denouncing Tea Party as racists, yet they say nothing about the New Black Panther Party. We have a media that will at any opportunity blame Tea Party for racism and violence, yet you never hear about groups like this.

Unfortunately for the Brown Berets, this IS America. We will prevail.


  1. Chick, I was born here. I AM a Native American. You tell me to go home, I'm already here.
    I suppose I could go back to my ancestral home in Scotland...at least the Scots know how to repeal an immigrant invasion. Hell, the Scottish even stopped the Romans!

  2. On behave of all Mexicans, we are sorry for this crazy bitch. Not all of us feel this way. She is definitely a disgrace to the Mexican race and to all human beings. Pinche Vieja Ignorante Hija de la Chingada !

  3. OMG!! She said we were in the AMERICAS.. As my friend Clay put it" That is the Beauty of this Country you can be a #%it Head and still live here. You guys should call yourself" The BROWN POOP GROUP" Adois Idiotas!