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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Face Punch Wednesday

(If you are new to Face Punch Wednesday, please read this post before you complain-I don't want to hear it.)

Oliver Stone: Oliver Stone told a group of Central London journalists we should 'nationalize' the oil industry. He went on the say he felt we shouldn't make money off of oil, health care, war or prisons. I'd just like to point out this advice is coming from a man who has made millions...even billions off the American people. It's always interesting to see the far left and their criticism of the American way, when it has been so good to them. Finally, I know Obama loves the leftist loons in Hollywood more than anything else in the world-as for the rest of us, we don't much care what you idiots think. For taking cash money with one hand and smacking the proverbial nose of the rest of American public with the other 7-punches

The Main Sisters-Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine voted today to extend unemployment benefits to the chronically unemployed. This bill will extend jobless benefits to folks who have been unemployed for more than 6 months and will extend those benefits through November. The fools who insist on doing this just don't get it-YOU are exacerbating the problem of unemployment and causing it to go on ad infinitum when you continually have a safety net there for folks who have been out of work this long. In the vast majority of cases folks who have been out of work for more than 6-months refuse to take a "lesser" job than they feel they are qualified for. Also, the money we are using is borrowed money which begs these two conundrums-First, why should we as a nation be on the hook for a loan because you are out of work? How about if you just go get your own loan and leave us out of it. Second, how ironic is it that those who killed off the jobs with their policies are now pushing cradle to grave entitlement for those without work. For not understanding what it takes to make an economy run 10 punches (double-mint style)

Matt Lauer-Suddenly Matt Lauer is quite the math whiz and deficit hawk. Today while interviewing Newt Gingrich he began to challenge Newt that the Bush tax cuts added to the deficit and that is no different than adding to the deficit by extending unemployment benefits. Apparently Matt is too much of a tool to realize when you cut taxes-especially to business-those folks use money to CREATE ADDITIONAL WEALTH-you know by hiring people and making investments in their businesses, which in turn adds to the revenue the Federal Government gets to collect. Unemployment benefits just cost. That's all they do. They don't increase spending, they don't increase jobs and they sure as hell don't increase tax revenues to the government. Matt must have nicked the math center in his brain the last time he shved his head. For just being a tooly, tool-6 punches.


  1. I'd normally agree with you about the people not wanting to take jobs beneath them, but have you gone out and applied for a job, even the stupid minimum wage kind, lately?

    I've had to shut my business down which forced me to look for work. Believe me, I'm not picky. I've never, in my 51 years, collected any sort of unemployment and I never intend to. That being said, it took me 8 months to find something, and it's part time. I applied for all sorts of jobs that were basic starter jobs, you know, anything to get by while the market was depressed. Let me tell you, there were hundreds of others applying for the same jobs. I never got called back on one, even though I made a bunch of follow ups and stop by's to check.

    Maybe it was my age or my experience but there just wasn't anything happening. I've finally found work, part time. I've gone from $50 an hour to $15. It takes me a month to make what I made in a couple days. But I'm not complaining; it's a job and once again I've avoided the dole.

    So, I agree that some don't want to work and I'm against extending benefits, to workers and corporations alike (can you find the authority for this in the Constitution; I can't). The only thing I would ask is that you take into consideration the times we live in and the fact that I've never seen the job market like this. We're not all slackers out here.

  2. Nope, multiply Matt Lauer by 100 for is BS, lapdog routine with Shirley Sherrod.