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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the other 7 states, all the corpse-man know 'refudiate' is a word.

It's always an interesting compare and contrast on how the media treats conservatives over liberals, and in particular, this Administration.

Obama can time and again make false statements, mispronounce words and say things that are outright wrong. Those things are simply looked over or excused without a second thought from the mainstream.

Drunk Uncle Joe gets the same pass. Once, he said Ireland's Prime Ministers mother was dead. Crickets. Or how about that F-bomb he threw on the signing of the healthcare bill? Nothing. One more just for fun: he once told wheelcahir bound Senator Chuck Graham to "stand up and be recognized." Um, OK. Those are just for starters.

If the lamestream wants to mock our public figures when they screw-up-go ahead-but instead of covering up for those you drool after, how about a little honesty.......

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