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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Missouri-TONIGHT: Prop C Literature Drop in Kirkwood

Tonight I will be taking part in a literature drop/informational session in Kirkwood, MO. We hope to get out and educate the folks on the Healthcare Freedom Act that will be on the ballot this August. It is an important amendment to our Missouri Constitution, keeping us in Missouri free to pick what ever healthcare we want (or don't want, as the case may be) and re-instituting our States Rights as laid out in the Constitution of the United States.

Missouri is the first state in the nation to hold a binding referendum on ObamaCare on August 3. Here’s another chance to help.

Caroline Mueller and Cynthia Rice are organizing a lit drop near Grace Episcopal Church in Kirkwood on Tuesday, July 13, at 6:30 p.m. The church graciously (see what I did there?) cancelled a pro-ObamaCare event because of its political bent. But the late change could provide an opportunity for friendly and optimistic voter education and canvassing. Activities may include:

  • Educate any people who may show up for the cancelled pro-Obamacare event.
  • Distribute Prop C literature, yard signs, and bumper stickers.
  • Go canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods in Kirkwood.
  • Do an impromptu rally at Kirkwood City Hall.
  • Go out for burgers, etc…

Please join the cause


Grace Episcopal Church (MAP)
514 E. Argonne
Kirkwood, MO 63122

I don't think I will try to livestream it, but I will take video, photos and be Twittering throughout. If you want to follow along you can follow me.


  1. Freedom from health care....freedom to be sick....freedom to go bankrupt....I have a job and health insurance, but I know many who don't....why would you begrudge them?

  2. I think you are stupid and evil.

  3. Normally I refrain from commenting to commentators Kathy because it is a waste of my time-however because you are clearly ignorant about Prop C I feel compelled to respond for future visitors.

    Pro C in no way limits YOUR ability to participate in any heath care system YOU choose. It only frees ME from paying a penalty OR be forced to participate in any health care system I choose. Prop C is only about the freedom of choice and the absence of governmental tyranny. You want ObamaCare? -go right ahead. Please research the issue and know your facts before commenting on such an important issue.

    To read the actual bill-which is only a page long (unlike the crap Obama gave us)-go here: http://www.house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills101/biltxt/truly/HB1764T.HTM

    Additional info can be found here: http://www.mohealthfreedom.org/

    Its a shame you think I am stupid and evil. I'm sorry for you.

  4. This measure is symbolic only and will do nothing to help Missouri voters in anyway. It is disingenous and is an attempt to put a feather in the cap of tea baggers who are in my opinion somewhat psycho and definitely racist.

    Mary G

  5. Do you honestly believe that even if Prop C passes it will change anything. Do you think that Prop C, a State Law will supersede Federal legislation? I know there are examples where this does occur, but I am pretty sure this isn't one of them. How about a little honesty here for a change. Or does your right-wing family values prevent you from being honest?

  6. Wow! So much for tolerant, loving liberals. I've never seen more hatered from any other group than I have from the far left. No wonder they all love murdering bastards like Stalin, Lenin and Che.

  7. Seeing Prop C on the ballot was like having Christmas in July...or August. If this thing passes I promise not to ask for anything else, at least until November 2010. :)