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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OH NOES!!!!! Illegal immigrants leaving Arizona in droves.....

Well that's the best news I've had all day. The illegals are leaving Arizona in droves because they are scared what will happen.

NBC Reporter Discovers New Immigration Law Causing Illegals to Leave Arizona

Finding more victims, Weir highlighted a man who “has been in Phoenix without papers for 14 years, but says now he's afraid to walk the streets. So he'll take his family and leave as soon as he can.” So the law is already working.

Weir's whimpering came two nights after Sunday's World News (NB item) where ABC anchor Dan Harris set up a story framed around the same agenda of Arizona law antagonists: “Many Hispanics, both legal and illegal, are already heading for the borders. And there's a heated debate over whether that will cost the state more than it saves.” Barbara Pinto zeroed in on a woman who “worries about the quiet exodus – immigrant families already leaving the state in droves” and how “apartment building owner Rollie Rankin is hurting already.”

Weir's take was reminiscent of a CBS Evening News story from back on May 3 (NB's recitation), when Katie Couric noted that “hundreds of thousands” of illegal aliens live in Arizona, “but as Kelly Cobiella reports, many no longer feel welcome.” As if that were a bad thing.
Meh. I'm ok with it. I see that headline and read "A bunch of lawbreakers are going somewhere else to break the law."

Also, if the truly legal are leaving, well they are clearly uniformed. They don't need to worry or leave. They have been lied to and scared by the media propagating untruths about what exactly will happen when the law is enacted. If they don't want to find out for themselves, then I don't have a ton of sympathy for them.

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