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Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod-truth is not defamation sweetie.

It should come as no surprise Shirley Sherrod is now thinking of a lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart and would like to see Big Government shut down.

What a surprise....this from the same woman who sued the government for $13 million dollars and then mysteriously was hired by them two weeks later. This from the woman who said the things she said, whether she likes to admit it or not-and I have news for all those liberal bloggers out there-I watched that video when it was first posted to Breitbart's site, the context was clear. If you had watched the whole 7 minutes (or so) you would have gotten right the first time. It doesn't change the fact that she was the one admitting to determining how much she would help the farmer (originally) based on the color of his skin.

Shirley Sherrod-get a clue. Free speech is free speech. Just because this Administration is too stupid to do their homework-where, oh where, have we seen that before-that isn't Breitbart's problem.

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