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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tucker Carlson OWNS Keith Olbermann

Tucker Carlson and Keith Olbermann have had an ongoing dispute for quite some time, both often using their Twitter accounts to lash out at one another. Today however the battle got a little more heated as Tucker made an unforeseen move...........

This is just a little bit of awesome and I wanted to be sure you all saw it-

"......the battle has been kicked up a notch today, as The Daily Caller has purchased www.KeithOlbermann.com. The site, as you can imagine, directs readers to The Daily Caller's online offerings.

"This is just the beginning of an online public service project," Carlson told POLITICO. "We'll be rolling out more in the coming weeks and months but I'd love to get your suggestions. Email me anytime at my personal address, keith@keitholbermann.com."
Personally, I think it serves Olbermann right. He is such a nasty, arrogant, pompas ass-it's funny to me to see this indignation perpetrated on him.

Though, it seems Mr. Carlson might have wanted to have all his ducks in a row before buying this URL........
ANOTHER UPDATE: Looks like this thing could drag on for a bit. Salon.com has thrown its hat into the ring: TuckerCarlson.net now re-directs readers to Salon's War Room. In a piece explaining the move, Salon's Alex Pareene (who has a history with Carlson) writes, "No matter what you think of the Countdown host, this is childish, petty, and boorish behavior for a formerly respected journalist like Carlson. And that is why we here at Salon are proud to announce our purchase of TuckerCarlson.net." (TuckerCarlson.com refers readers to DailyCaller.com)
Oh well. Still funny.

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  1. What is this? A seventh grade girls' school recess fight?