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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Border Patrol Agents told NOT to patrol the border in Arizona

Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, Arizona told a local reporter this week that border agents have been told not to work on the Mexico/America border because it is too dangerous and may cause an international incident.

This is a clear violation of the Federal governments responsibility to secure our border and protect the citizens that live here. It is unconscionable the upper management of Border Patrol is more concerned with starting an "international incident" than doing their job. For our own government to ignore a border invasion by illegal criminal aliens is a deplorable act against America.


  1. I am seeing quite an uptick in criminal and revolutionary behavior. The madmen are getting very nervous.
    I am sure there is more, but add this to the stops on oil drilling....
    Let's bring this country down NOW!

  2. I wouldn't dignify Harry Reid by calling him a racist. He is a scum sucking politician who will fly whichever flag it takes to get him re-elected. Just like his Fueher, Barak Insane ObamA. It only remains to be seen if the American people are as stupid and uninformed as the Germans were when they put Hitler in charge.