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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did a Michigan Democrat official notarize "fake" Tea Party Candidates?

The Oakland County Democratic Party has asked for and accepted the resignation of Operations Director Jason Bauer following accusations he knowingly notarized campaign filings for "fake" Tea Party" candidates in order to dilute the Republican vote. This is a very serious accusation and is testament to the effectiveness of Patriot Groups around the country. The Democrats are scared and they are willing to do anything to stop the surge of conservatism and return the the founding principles of this country.

The Oakland County Democratic Party says it has requested and accepted the resignation of operations director Jason Bauer in the wake of accusations he notarized campaign filings for a fake Tea Party candidate.

“We are saddened by this situation, but cannot condone his alleged actions,” the OCDP said Sunday in a released statement. “For the sake of the organization, we must part ways effective immediately.”

Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson, a Republican candidate for secretary of state, announced the allegations against Bauer on Friday, noting she had turned over documents to the county prosecutor and Michigan Attorney General’s office for further investigation.

Though the Tea Party has no official leader or "charter", the beliefs and principles of those who believe in Tea Party do invoke a certain image. To have that image and those principles violated by outsiders could prove to be very damaging. Like any brand-whether there is a true "leader" or not-a few hard blows could make all the difference. For this reason Tea Party and all Patriot Groups across the nation must stay vigilant in vetting their members, their leaders and the people who claim to represent them.

Be careful out there folks-November is coming and it's bound to get ugly.

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