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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ed Schultz blames all of the Republicans for Unemployment

According to the most smatttest Ed Schultz the whole of the Republican Party is to blame for the current lack of jobs.
As he began the most recent installment of the "Ed Show" on MSNBC, the host said, "The Republican Party has been on a crusade against the middle class and the poor for the last 30 years. We're now seeing the wreckage of that race to the bottom line culture."

He disgracefully continued, "Today a government report showed weekly jobless claims at a five-month high. 484,000 new unemployment claims were filed in the week ending August 7th. And you know what folks, you can lay this right at the feet, right at the altar of the Republican Party."

Sadly, he wasn't close to done, claiming, "The people you see flooding the streets begging for help, begging for an opportunity are victims of the Republican agenda just to make sure that President Obama fails"
Yes Ed, of course that is what the Republicans want-for all people to be out of work, hungry and dying in the streets. You're an idiot.

It is unbelievable to me that nearly TWO YEARS into this Administration folks continually give an out to these people. When will this be Obama's economy? When will the lack of jobs be a direct result of the policies and decisions this President is making? The fact is this Administration has killed jobs, closing the doors of dealerships unnecessarily across the country and berated job creators until they are no longer confident in their futures then saddling them with mandate after mandate, like healthcare . Toying with policies like Cap and Trade and Card Check, which will only serve to increase the cost of doing business, and threatening to raise the tax rates on the highest earners have cause employers to stop employing. Ed needs to take a better look in the mirror of his own party and stop trying to deflect the true blame here.

Another sad commentary to this whole debacle is the unemployed protesting in the video below. They perpetuate the false idea that it is the governments responsibility to take care of them through eternity. One woman claims that if we can take care of people in other countries we can take care of our own-all the while walking around with a sign proclaiming herself to be a "99er". 99er's are the folks who have had unemployment for 99 weeks-nearly two years. How is this country not taking care of you ma'am when you have lived off the government dole for almost two years? How long should we provide for you? When does it stop being my responsibility to feed and house you? Others in the video claim they feel as if they have been forgotten. Mind you, not because there are no jobs for them, but because their two years of benefits will at some point end. We have become a nation of pathetic whiners, all the while expecting our neighbors to pay our bills when we are unable to help ourselves.

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We are reaching the end game in this economy. If people like Ed Schultz and all these "takers" don't get a clue, there will be no one left to take from.

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